Small Batch Ships!

Salt in Back of Mexican Truck

Our salt loaded up in the back of a Salinero’s flatbed.

Great news. A small batch of salt shipped today from our Salineros in Mexico!


We have been working hard to create amazing modern packaging for our traditional artisan salt but there have been some glitches. We have had two runs of bags that were 100% rejected for quality issues.


The problem? The print was blurry instead of crisp and sharp.

This last run of bags we rejected almost 90% of the bags. We only want the best for our customers and our salt.

The last 10% were not perfect, some were a little blurry, but the salt inside is perfect.

Our small little batch is on it’s way to the US border as I write this.


Now, we don’t have enough for everyone, yet but more bags are coming. Our Salineros will fill them as quickly as possible and ship them to the border. Once they arrive in our warehouse, we fulfill orders in the order we received them.


Now, will you do me a favor? Cross your fingers and hope that the border crossing goes smoothly.



Boxes for SaltInto the flatbedSalt in Back of Mexican TruckOn to the palletOn the pallet, ready to go

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