Six Simple Sea Salt Truths


Geordie and I are relatively new to the salt world. The more we learn about the chemical industry that drives “big salt” the more we want “small salt” to survive and thrive.


Mark Bitterman is a leader of artisan salt. When we read his book, all of our ideas and ideals fell into place. We use his manifesto as our bible. His musings and ideas helps drive our little company.


We believe: Six Simple Sea Salt Truths

1. Salt is the single most important ingredient in cooking and the single most powerful tool for improving the flavor of food.


2. No two salts are the same, any more than two varieties of mushrooms are the same.


3. Some things do not belong in our food supply. Industrial salts like cheap sea salt, kosher salt, and table salt are products that few people want in their kitchens if they understand and face up to how they are made.


4. There is no equating industrial salt with artisan salt. Artisan salts are better than industrial salts. Think of industrial salt as you would think of open-heart surgery: use it only if your life depends on it.


5. Buying good salt can change the world by supporting traditional economies and preserve ecologically and culturally valuable resources. Buying standardized salt issuing from a handful of industrial suppliers supports one part of a globalized chemical industry.


6. Salt is not bad for you. On the contrary, it is very good for you. It is right and proper to use as much salt as you want as long as you are the one salting your food.


Taken from Mark Bitterman‘s book, “Salted,” the bible for salt aficionados, pages 10-11. If you love our salt and want to learn more, buy this book.


Getting saltier everyday,

Geordie and John


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