Why you can’t beat Sayulita in the summer

Why we love Sayulita vacation rentals in the summer. Everyone loves the numbered lists, and seeing that we’re just launching into the early summer months we thought we would run a short post to holler out why we LOVE Sayulita in the summer. Local writer Justin Henderson should know, he sold his house in Seattle and moved to Sayulita 3 years ago and has never turned back.

Top 12 Reasons We Love Sayulita In Summer

1. Trees, bushes, flowers and vines—everything–is lush, green and blooming.

2. There is no dust.

3. There are fewer cars.

4. There are fewer tourists.

5. There are fewer surfers.

6. The water is perfect–warm, but still cool enough to refresh when you jump in.

7. South swells.

8. Amazing bug noises in the night.

9. Everybody moves slowly, says hello, and smiles, because they know you.

10. There are ripe mangoes in the trees.

11. Nothing happens.

12. Sweet rain, dramatic lightning and thunderstorms


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