The Salt Ritual with Geordie and John

The Salt Ritual with John and Geordie


There is no one specific way each person should experience salt.

 We all have our own unique ritual.  And when you have extraordinary salt this becomes a part of  every meal you eat. 


Geordie and John, the founders of Salt Revolution, talk about their personal Salt Rituals.  Everything from how they use salt, where they store their salt, and why it’s so important to them and their families.  These guys love their salt and understand how to incorporate with their meals for the greatest effect.


They tackle the questions like:


Should you salt your food while cooking or wait until it’s served?

How do you grind natural sea salt?

What type of salt pig or cellar should you use?

What to do when the salt becomes too moist.

How to dry your salt.


Lastly the debate of whether your salt should be moist…   And if you prefer it not to be how to do you remove that moisture?


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