Jackson Coleman

What a great product! No wonder my Ex the gourmet was so adamant about the product. And I’m now a disciple too.
It happens that I DO have a favorite and maybe novel use for Aztec. My favorite treat might be the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten and I have it every day: One avocado a la Aztec. (usually in two helpings):
1. Cut a perfect avocado in half lengthwise. Refrigerate the half with nut, with a half- lime in a baggie for later.
2. Scoop out your half, slice it lengthwise and flatten array. divide in half for bite-size pieces.
3. Squeeze 1/2 lime to cover the pieces then sprinkle on the Aztec. Nothing else works as well.
4. This is like a margarita without the hangover! …and a blast for the taste buds.
Hope you like it- thanks for the great product.
Reviewed Aztec Sea Salt on Jul 13 - 2015