Let’s talk toxic food additives with expert Anthony Alayon


We’re going to talk with Anthony about toxic food ingredients. What we’re eating that is really harmful for our bodies.


We start talking about GMO’s (genetically modified organism – ex: corn, soy beans). Why it’s so important to avoid and what we can do to “replace” it. Who knew corn could be such a hot topic to discuss.


Gluten – not only another topic we discuss, is a really popular topic. Anthony talks about the successes he’s seen and how to go about starting a gluten free diet


The food coloring that you see in the ingredients of your food might not be so innocent.
Red dye #2, 3, 4 / blue dye #2 / Yellow dye #5 / Green dye #3


Anthony has seen some horrifying side effects that just aren’t well known.

Ways to avoid these foods.
#1 – 100% organic. Not 95% but 100%
#2 – Any label that says “artificial flavors”
#3 – Every hear of Neotame? Me neither, well, you should avoid it.


We talk about the additives and bleaching that is involved in traditional salt. Specifically how they can add 2% of anti-clumping agents to keep the salt dry. And we also through in how fertilizer companies are buying Morton salt.


Anthony has put together an exlusive guide so you can see some of these toxic ingredients. Make sure to check that out here.



Let's talk toxic food additives with expert Anthony Alayon


About Anthony Alayon

Anthony got started as a bodybuilder in high school. Got really involved in fitness and now is working to help with several products.

One is called Fat extinction – helping people gain muscle and lose fat. And what we spent most of this episode talking about – Toxic Food Ingredients.







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