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We are Geordie Wardman and John Cawrse, owners of Real Good Salt. I won’t lie, we are passionate about our families and surfing. Which is how we discovered salt. What?


Real Good Salt Started On A Surf Trip
Our families were traveling South of the border for a surf trip. The kids needed a snack and the adults needed a break so we stopped at a little stand on the side of the road. We picked up a bag of locally harvested natural sea salt as we have habit of tasting the local specialties. Later, cooking dinner back at our place, we were blown away by the extraordinary flavor and lovely texture. I know salt is just sodium chloride but this salt tasted better than the iodized table salt I was using at home. It tasted outstanding.


Real Good Salt Is Good For You.

When we returned to reality and our daily grind, we did a little research on iodized table salt and natural sea salt. It turns out that iodized table salt has all the good stuff removed and bad stuff added. Eighty plus minerals essential to your body’s needs, gone, sold to manufacturing and are replaced with Iodine, anti-caking agents and sometimes fluoride which added “for our health”. Our families immediately made the switch to natural sea salt. But, we could never duplicate the flavor and texture we found in our road-side surf salt.


Limited Supply, Small Batch, Hand Harvested, Natural Sun Dried, Sea Salt

We made the call, to go surfing again, and this time pick up some beautiful salt to share with others.

Our Aztec Sea Salt – Flor de Sal, is harvested over a 45 day period each year. It is then sorted by hand in small batches. Packaged by hand in small batches. Handled with loving care by the sons and daughters of generations of salt workers.

Salt has been harvested at the Cuyutlán Lagoon since the Aztecs. Environmentally friendly, harvested in harmony with the local ecology, using natural methods, producing a beautiful product.

If you miss your chance, don’t worry, we will be making more. Small batches means exceptional quality. If you missed your first chance, please sign up here to be notified of our next batch.


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