Healthy Sea Salt Discovery


RealGoodSalt is a small business. It’s just Geordie and I. We launched it because we became raving fans of our salt and we had to share it with everyone. It’s that good. This is our story.


As avid surfers, Geordie and I have spent a fair amount of time traveling up and down the Pacific coast of Mexico in search of perfect waves. We spent way too much time in the car but we caught some great waves. Along the way, we discovered the perfect salt.


If you have ever travelled up and down the Pacific coast of Mexico, you will be familiar with the fruit stands. The first time you see one you must stop. These fruit stands are all very

similar. They have fruit hanging from the awnings, coconuts piled up, cut fruit with lime, salt, and hot sauce, handmade candies, and a stack of white burlap bags of salt. The only difference between these stands, from North to South, is the local fruit that happens to be in season and the stamp on the white bag of salt. You see, the salt all comes from the Colima but they put a custom logo on the bag, based on the location of the fruit stand, so you can buy it as a souvenir of your trip.

Coconut Water – Yum!


Well, Geordie and I are fans of fruit stands. We love the fresh coconut waterthe fruit and veggies cut up, pretty much anything they have to offer except the candies. But, we had never tried the salt. I love to cook and had tried other salts before. I thought I was “gourmet” using kosher salt instead of regular table salt. Little did I know that they are identical except for the size of the refined salt grains. Ha!


We had heard that the salt was delicious and decided to bring a bag home from one of our trips. Well, it was delicious! Actually, it was the best salt we had ever tasted. The whole family loved it. We used it for all our cooking. It was tasty, soft and moist, perfect for pinching on food or rimming a margarita glass. I’ll say it again. The best healthy sea salt we had ever tasted!


Over cervezas one night, Geordie and I hatched a plan. We would track down the source of this amazing salt, export it, and sell it directly to consumers so they too could discover what real sea salt tastes like. And, that’s where things got a little crazy…


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