Hard Boiled Eggs with AztecSeaSalt™



Hard Boiled Egg with AztecSeaSalt™

Steamed, not hard boiled, plus sea salt.

4 Farm Fresh Eggs, AztecSeaSalt™, and ground black pepper



  1. Grab your pot with the vegetable steamer. Add an inch of water to the pot, set it on the stove on high, covered. We want it to boil. Take your steamer basket and set your four eggs in it.


  1. When the water is boiling, take off the lid, place steamer inside, and cover. Reduce heat to a simmer. Set timer for 10 minutes. (10 minutes for a perfectly cooked egg at sea level. As you go up in altitude, you need to add a few minutes.)


  1. With about 5 minutes left, pull out a medium mixing bowl and fill it with ice water.
  1. When the timer goes off, pull off the basket and dump the eggs directly in the ice water.
  1. Give them a few minutes to cool down.


  1. Crack and peel the eggs underwater in the cool bath. I crack them all over first, find the air pocket, pinch the shell and membrane off, then peel from there. The water seems to help the shell separate from the egg. Dip warm eggs in AztecSeaSalt™ and fresh ground pepper. Take a bite. Moan with pleasure.
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