Best Place to live in Mexico

People are constantly asking us about the best place to live in Mexico, is it safe to travel in Mexico and about life in Mexico? With these questions in mind, we’d like to recommend a little slice of heaven right in our own backyard of Sayulita. The project is a low density residential project complete with Community Beach House & Surf Club, spa, fitness center, pool and 63 private residences upon completion.

We’ve seen a number of articles in the local news sources saying that the project had begun completion, and decided to find out for ourselves what exactly was so different and special about this project. Kevin Roberts, one the partners involved in the project, was kind enough to give us his outlook on one of, or the best place to live in Mexico.

Geordie: Can you explain the project in terms of how you see the future and completion of the project? How many residences will there be? what type of owners do you think will prefer this type of investment? Full time ex-patriate residents, or second home owners, Mexican nationals?

Kevin Roberts (KR): With the recent ground breaking at Punta Sayulita, the expected completion date of Phase 1 is early 2013 which includes the completion of the Punta Sayulita Beach Club, a 10,000 sq. ft. facility consisting of a multilevel infinity edge salt water pool, restaurant, bar, a fitness center with spa treatment rooms, an outdoor pursuits facility for ocean sports equipment, and a multipurpose game room.  The beach club will be Punta Sayulita’s signature component.  As of this time, Phase 1 will also include the delivery of 3 residences out of the 10 residences released for sale.  All of the residences at Punta Sayulita are semi-custom designed residences by the Architectural Digest award winning architect, Mark de Reus, of Hawaii based de Reus architects.

Punta Sayulita is ultimately planned as a very low density community consisting of 62 oceanfront and ocean view residences spread across 33-acres.  The typical lot sizes at Punta Sayulita range from 1/4 acre to 3/4 acre.  Given the project’s natural exclusive location of a private peninsula, we see discriminating buyers from both the United States and Mexico seeing Punta Sayulita as an attractive residential opportunity because the project features very unique amenities for residents and their guests as well as privacy and security which are important characteristics to our buyers.

Geordie: Can you explain the amenities that you plan to have? From what I’ve seen on your site, it seems like it could be almost viewed like a hotel with some excellent services including Spa and Concierge services.

KR: The Punta Sayulita Beach & Surf Club will be the community’s core amenity and gathering place for the residents.  Our architect, de Reus architects specializes in the design of award winning high-end club houses and estate homes and the Punta Sayulita Beach & Surf Club will be no different.  The residents will enjoy personalized club level services similar to that of a resort and facilities described above.  Punta Sayulita will also offer natural amenities such as three (3) multipurpose palapas/pavilions located on the highest points of the Punta Sayulita peninsular with commanding 360 degree views in some cases.  These hilltop pavilions will provide a location for residents to participate in various activities such as Yoga or to simply to provide a place for whale and bird watching or to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets. Punta Sayulita has also designed a series of walking trails that enable residents to explore the lush jungle on-site as well as off-site along Punta Sayulita’s private access road from the Sayulita – Punta de Mita Highway.

Geordie: Security is becoming more of a concern from our readers that get bombarded by a constant negative US media stream about Mexico. What are you telling your prospective buyers about this? What security measures are you incorporating into the Punta Sayulita properties, that someone who purchases in the Sayulita town for example, might not get?

KR: Security has always been of concern for second home buyers both in the United States and Mexico because of the fact that the residents are absentee most of the time.  Because of the media reports about the drug related violence between drug cartels and Mexican authorities, the question of “is Mexico safe” has now been raised frequently in conversations.  What we tell our prospective buyers is that even in light of the drug related violence, for which 99% of the violence is occurring along the Mexico/USA boarder, the tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, etc., still maintain a safe environment as it did 10 – 20 years ago.  We even communicate to our prospective buyers that many ex-patriate families that live in Sayulita have their children attend local schools which, in our opinion, demonstrate that families very much feel safe living in Sayulita.  In fact, the Los Angeles Times reported an article about Sayulita a couple years ago called “Family Time” which highlighted how safe and family friendly Sayulita is to vacation and live.

However, there is no disputing that Sayulita, not unlike any American small town, is subject to crime and Sayulita does experience reports of petty theft crime.  At Punta Sayulita, the fact that we have 24 hour gated security we think adds an extra level of security to help deter incidents of crime which is why many newly built condominium and residential communities implement the same type of gated community and private security programs.

Geordie: I’ve seen also from your site that you’ve begun building and have sold most of the first phase of the development. Congratulations, that’s a great accomplishment in this economic environment. Can you tell us when you plan on finishing this first phase? What do you still have available for sale for any people that want to take advantage of getting in early on this project?

KR: In phase 1, we have sold 1/3 of our first release of residences with only 1 of our oceanfront residences available. Typically, the oceanfront residences are always in very high demand and that pattern was repeated with our first release. However, what potential buyers have been commenting to us when they tour the property they are amazed to see the incredible views and how close proximity to the ocean our “second row” residences are sited. Personally, I think the underlying value in these properties is enormous because of those factors. Moreover, combined with our groundbreaking purchase programs, early buyers are offered discounted pricing and the benefits of spreading the purchase with installment payments linked to construction progress of the home.  This is not unlike a purchaser building a home and paying the contractor in installments as construction progresses.  We estimate the sellout of Phase 1 to occur in the early part of 2013 with the completed delivery of homes in 2014.  It takes approximately 10 months to complete one of our semi-custom residences.

Geordie: We’ve done articles on Punta Sayulita in the past, in particular on the beach clean ups and the Longboard and Stand-up Paddleboard invitational. Can you elaborate on the work that Punta Sayulita and your foundation does to help the town and people of the area? How would you describe your working relationship with the town of Sayulita, and its residents?

KR:  From the outset, we made a very strong commitment to be an active member of the Sayulita community and felt it was our obligation to help contribute our resources to implement new programs like beach clean-up and support programs that were already in place such as the Sayulita recycling program.  Because Sayulita’s ocean environment is so beautiful and is the primary reason why people vacation and live in Sayulita, we felt it was important to implement educational programs like the Reef Check programs so people can learn about environmental education and to make sure that environmental education is taught in the local schools.  We can definitely see the immediate results from having simple beach clean-ups with the beaches in Sayulita being reported as the cleanest in entire Riviera Nayarit as well as the sense of awareness from citizens who now have learned to take pride in keeping Sayulita and its beaches clean.  We also utilize the Punta Sayulita Beach House as a venue where we have had guest speakers such as Dr. Gregor Hodgson, Executive Director of the Reef Check Foundation, to provide informative educational presentations which are open to the public.  We also have organized movie nights that are also open to the public featuring various educational documentary movies about our environment as well as some classic surf movies to get the juices flowing of our local surfers.

By far, the Punta Sayulita Longboard & SUP Classic has become an event greater than we ever expected which now attracts some of the top athletes in the world to come to Sayulita to compete in surfing and SUP competitions.  However, my guess is that many of these athletes choose to participate in the event is because of the “Aloha Spirit” that surrounds the event and the fact that everyone (competitors and spectators) come together celebrate the awareness of how important our ocean environment is and raise money for the Reef Check and Punta Sayulita Foundations’ programs which includes art & music classes for children and providing surfboards and free lessons to less fortunate children.

We feel our working relationship with Sayulita residents and fellow business owners is fantastic and have found that everyone is interested in pitching in to support Sayulita and its residents.

Geordie: We’d like to you thank you for your time and hope that you’ll close with some comments that you’d like to help clarify or emphasize about the difference this project has compared to others in the area, or even for people that may be interested in purchasing a house in the town of Sayulita.

KR:  For us, the concept for Punta Sayulita has always been a residential community that is an organic extension of the village of Sayulita.  We don’t consider Punta Sayulita to be a “resort” like some other residential communities rather, a residential club community that provides the theme of “community.” For example, our company was previously involved in the development of the Punta Mita Resort Community which is very much planned differently to give more of a “resort” style feeling because of the project’s hotel components rather than a residential community type of feeling which is how Punta Sayulita has been designed.  For people who are considering purchasing in Sayulita, because of the location and the size of the project (33 acres), Punta Sayulita is the first “upscale” master planned community to be developed in Sayulita that provides a higher level and quality of infrastructure, construction and design than what has been developed to date in Sayulita.

We’d like to thank Kevin for his time, and we wish him much success in this worthy project. While we see condos and bad construction going up all the time in this small community, this project takes a space that would likely get over developed and keeps its integrity somewhat in tact while also elevating the status and prospects for other developments in the area. If you have further questions about this project, feel free to leave a comment in this blog, or send an email to

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