Tlaquepaque Restaurants

Tlaquepaque Restaurants – Photos by Donna Day Every town has its favorite restaurants—some come and go, others find the magic formula, and seem to last […]


Tlaquepaque Mexico

Not To Be Missed – Strolling Independencia – Photos by Donna Day We walked the streets of Tlaquepaque for a couple of days, and found […]


What is Ahogado?

What is an Ahogado you might ask yourself as you are driving to or around Guadalajara, Mexico.  This was a question that might come up […]


Hotels in Guadalajara

There are a number of hotels in Guadalajara. We took a stroll through Tlaquepaque and checked out a few of the nice Bed and Breakfast […]


Travel to Guadalajara

Travel to Guadalajara during Semana Santa can be a harrowing experience so we decided to make this Guadalajara week at Cuponismo, and we discuss things having […]