Talking about salt, and beyond diet with Isabel De Los Rios



Isabel is one of the cofounders behind Beyond Diet. Straight from the top we talk about eating butter, salt and why it’s actually healthy.



She gives a great example of how “dieting” can be a very natural change and you don’t necessarily have to give up your morning breakfast routine. I love how she talks about “being hungry” as a malnourishment problem. Eating an entire bag of chips and then still feeling hungry is simply because it’s not healthy food. It’s a great way to look at the … Read More

Aztec Sea Salt

We are Geordie Wardman and John Cawrse, owners of the Aztec Sea Salt and Salt Revolution. I won’t lie, we are passionate aztec sea saltabout our families and surfing. Which is how we discovered salt. Pardon?


Aztec Sea Salt Started On A Surf Trip
Our families were traveling South of the border for a surf trip. The kids needed a snack and the adults needed a break so we stopped at a little stand on the side of the road. We picked up a bag of locally harvested natural sea … Read More

Getting Salted with Mark Bitterman

A revolutionary “New” way to cook with author of the book Salted, by Mark Bitterman.



In 1986, Mark Bitterman sat in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in France staring dumbfounded at his steak.


Firm in texture, it was superb! Each bite hit the taste buds with layers of richness and complexity – much like a fine wine. Quite simply, it was the best steak he’d ever tasted.


Being a lover of good food and good eating, Mark just HAD to find out what made it taste so … Read More

Sea Salt Caramel Recipe


The History of Sea Salt Caramels

Sea Salt Caramel Recipe

Sea Salt Caramel Recipe



Sea salt caramels are a new twist on a long-standing American tradition.  The most prolific candy-makers in American history launched their careers making caramels.  Milton S. Hershey started Lancaster Caramel Company.  Hershey was seeking candy coatings for his caramels when he first came across chocolate.  Hershey sold Lancaster Caramels to The American Caramel Company in 1900 for $1 million (equal to $28,600,000 today).


Even before caramel came to America, it was of the world’s oldest candies, … Read More

Refined Salt

Try these three simple tests to find out if you have refined salt in your cabinet right now.

TEST #1:  Look At It

Refined Salt

Take a look at the salt you have hand in your home right now.  Is it perfectly uniform and unnaturally white?  If so, it is likely chemically bleached.

The trace minerals in natural salt give it an off-white color.


TEST #2:  Shake It Out

Give your salt a shake to see how it comes out of the shaker.  Is the salt fine and free flowing?   If … Read More