How to Have Energy All Day with Yuri Elkaim

Yuri is all about helping people increase their energy levels so they can live with energy all day long.


Yuri’s background as a professional soccer player helped him to understand he was active and fit, but

not healthy. The truth is most pro-athletes are able to perform in spite of their diet. You see very few high level athletes over the age of 35 because the body is simply worn out and tired.


Yuri remembers his pre-game breakfast of Crepes with Nutella. A meal that he would immediately … Read More

Refined Salt

Try these three simple tests to find out if you have refined salt in your cabinet right now.

TEST #1:  Look At It

Refined Salt

Take a look at the salt you have hand in your home right now.  Is it perfectly uniform and unnaturally white?  If so, it is likely chemically bleached.

The trace minerals in natural salt give it an off-white color.


TEST #2:  Shake It Out

Give your salt a shake to see how it comes out of the shaker.  Is the salt fine and free flowing?   If … Read More

Table Salt vs Sea Salt

table salt vs sea salt

Natural Sea Salt


What you need to know about table salt vs sea salt.


You may have heard “sea salt” is better for you than table salt.


Well,  that’s really only half of the story. There’s something else missing in most salts…even some of those who call themselves “sea salt.” And in fact, most of the so-called “sea salt” out there is just as bad for you as table salt!


Here are the details…


Most of the big salt brands you see in … Read More

History of Salt


So, you want to know about the history of salt? Well, we did some digging on the salt from the region where we supply it, and found a really great documentary made in Spanish.

We edited out some of the interesting parts, and came up with this sub-titled version. We can’t claim anything other than this, but it’s really interesting to see the importance that salt can have on an area, and the benefits this essential substance can bring.


Celtic Sea Salt and other salt brands


Celtic Sea Salt– Light Grey – When we found our own salt in Mexico, we needed toSalt farmers harvesting salt, Pak Thale, Ban L...

compare our quality to other salts on the market. Celtic is the salt that inspires us. A beautiful hand harvested grey salt similar to our own AztecSeaSalt but on a much, much larger scale. Great flavor, moist, and pure. Almost as high in mineral content as our own salt. We love this salt.


Himalayan Sea Salt – Most Brands – This salt is usually a beautiful pink color with low … Read More