Legend of Chupacabra

Only in Mexico would you find Vampires,  Chupacabras, and other night creatures being so widely celebrated. In Spanish, Chupacabra would literally mean goat sucker, and […]

Go to Guadalajara – Sergio Bustamante

Sergio Bustamante‘s art gallery near Guadalajara is a must see for any Mexican art aficionado.  He began his art career with paintings and paper mache […]

Historic Guadalajara

Tlaquepaque’s Historic Buildings The streets of Tlaquepaque are lined with dozens of brilliantly colored, beautifully decorated buildings, most of them private homes, lending the whole […]

Tlaquepaque Restaurants

Tlaquepaque Restaurants – Photos by Donna Day Every town has its favorite restaurants—some come and go, others find the magic formula, and seem to last […]

Tlaquepaque Mexico

Not To Be Missed – Strolling Independencia – Photos by Donna Day We walked the streets of Tlaquepaque for a couple of days, and found […]