How to make Baked Crispy Sweet Potato Fries

A fun snack your kids would surely love...

A fun snack your kids would surely love…


Would you like to try some healthy and easy to prepare recipe for your toddler to munch? It’s time to make healthy fun snack time again and toss those chocolate bars and chips out of the table.


This would definitely be one of those kid-friendly recipes that make a great snack for your growing kids who need a lot of energy all throughout the day.


Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene, plus it provides you with powerful antioxidant … Read More

Small Batch Ships!

Salt in Back of Mexican Truck

Our salt loaded up in the back of a Salinero’s flatbed.

Great news. A small batch of salt shipped today from our Salineros in Mexico!


We have been working hard to create amazing modern packaging for our traditional artisan salt but there have been some glitches. We have had two runs of bags that were 100% rejected for quality issues.


The problem? The print was blurry instead of crisp and sharp.

This last run of bags we rejected almost 90% of the bags. We only want the best … Read More

New Packaging for Aztec Sea Salt



Our first batch of salt has sold out!


We received amazing feedback from customers who purchased our first batch of salt. The number one comment was that our packaging just didn’t look like sea salt for the kitchen. It wasn’t gourmet enough for such a high quality culinary salt. It looked more like a bath salt.


So, when we ran out (yes we ran out of salt, thank you all for your support) we decided a new packaging or bag was necessary.


We searched for … Read More

Is Sea Salt Healthy, Can Refined Salt Kill You?


Artisanal salt maker Koshin Odo once performed an experiment to show the differences in salts.

First he picked up a bunch of crabs from the beach.


He put a handful of them into salt water made from refined manufactured salt. The crabs died almost right away.


Next, he put another handful of crabs into salt water made from fresh water and unrefined rock salt (like Himalayan Pink Salt). They died within two days.


Then, he put the last handful of crabs into salt water … Read More

How To Dry Sea Salt Or Re-Moisten It


AztecSeaSalt is a true sel gris, a moist sea salt. This isn’t because we forgot to dry it. This is because, moist sea salt is a much better salt to use for cooking and finishing. A dry ground salt will absorb moisture from your food, drying it out, and dissolve quickly, robbing you of your satisfying salty crunch.


However, if you want your salt to disappear, like on a delicate salad, in a smooth sauce, or on popcorn, a grind or two of AztecSeaSalt is perfect. Please, … Read More