Table Salt, Drain Cleaner, and Plastic Car Parts, Yum!


You may have heard that the table salt, refined salt, even kosher salt, are really just the leftovers of large chemical manufacturers. And, that is partly true.

Modern rock salt mine near Mount MorrisDisambi...

Modern rock salt mine near Mount Morris, New York, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Large industrial salt companies “big salt”, manufacture pure Sodium Chloride. Almost all of their production is sold to chemical companies for industrial uses. The chemical companies then separate the Sodium from the Chloride in a process known as Chloralkali process


This creates Sodium Hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda. It is used in the manufacture of pulp, paper, textiles, soaps, detergents, and drain cleaner. And, Chlorine, which is used as a cleaner and in the production of plastic.


The second largest use of Sodium Chloride is for de-icing of roads. Yum!


The refined table salt found in processed foods, in the grocery store, and on your table, is simply the leftover Sodium Chloride that wasn’t sold off for industrial uses.


Pure Sodium Chloride is the goal of “big salt.” The purer the better. Of course, pure Sodium Chloride is not what your body needs or craves. By removing the natural trace minerals from salt, heating it to extreme temperatures, and adding anti-caking agents,  “big salt” has created a flavor enhancer and food additive for processed food manufacturers.


Real salt, real good salt, has all of the trace minerals left intact. It has not been processed, refined, heated to extreme temperatures or made into a chemical compound. It is exactly what your body is craving.


AztecSeaSalt™ from RealGoodSalt is a hand harvested, organically processed, 100% natural sea salt. We are proud that our salt has only 92% Sodium Chloride versus the 99.7% of the “big salt.”


We invite you to join us and taste the difference.

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