Go to Guadalajara – Sergio Bustamante

Sergio Bustamante‘s art gallery near Guadalajara is a must see for any Mexican art aficionado.  He began his art career with paintings and paper mache figures, with his first exhibit at the Galeria Misracha in Mexico City in 1966.  After studying and working in Europe in the 1970’s he returned to Guadalajara, and along with some other artists, established the “Family Workshop Studio” in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco,  Mexico. He’s achieved much success with his sculptures and art, and it’s easy to see why after visiting his gallery.

Sergio Bustamante

Sergio Bustamante is a Guadalajara-based artist who has, perhaps more than any other artist since the heyday of the muralists, come to embody the contemporary Mexican aesthetic.  His work, which includes everything from paintings and sculptures through shoes, scarves, handbags, jewelry, and furniture, employs recurring motifs that mine the surrealist vein perhaps a bit repetitiously, but it is always playful, fun, and easy on the eyes.

Judging by the scale and scope of his Tlaquepaque Gallery, and knowing he has galleries in other cities as well, it seems he is one of those few artists who have achieved brand name status—he can put his label on just about any product and sell it. This is not a bad thing, but when you see those successful images—the alien-like beings with weird, wedge-heads and such—you think not only of the aesthetic but also of the repetition.

Sergio Bustamante Sculpture

Sculpture by Sergio Bustamante

On the other hand, his gallery near the west end on Independencia is a generously-scaled, coolly inviting collection of volumes, indoor and outdoor, including a couple of serene sculpture gardens with lovely sculpted fountains—great spots to get out of the sun, look at some really cool, fun art, listen to the water flowing, and immerse yourself in the Bustamante world.

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