Sea Salt Salineros – Video

On a recent trip to Cuyutlán we met some Salineros. Salineros are the artisans that harvest our salt. 

Where healthy sea salt comes from.

The Lagoon of Cuyutlán -Dry Season

The viable sea salt harvesting season lasts about 4-5 months each year, depending on the weather. Once the rains have come in June, salt can no longer be harvested and these Salineros often move to working in the fields or down at the docks.

Sea Salt Harvesting

The brothers Mendoza on the left and their support on the right

Almost all the Salineros have relatives in the business and the skills are handed down fromfather to son, mother to daughter, brother to brother, uncles, cousins. The whole family tree often has roots in salt.

Sea Salt in wheel barrow

Moving salt from the pans by wheel barrow

The work is difficult. Moving wet salt all day via broom, shovel, and wheelbarrow. The sun is hot. By lunchtime, it is too hot to work. Preparation of the pans and making sure they are level takes time and precision.

I created this short video as a quick introduction to some of the Salineros. I hope you like it.

Salineros of Cuyutlán – Sea Salt Video


Geordie and John

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