Sayulitas Sea Camp: A great Day Camp for Kids

Sayulita Sea Camp

Sayulita has a new day camp, and this not only has the usual fun games, arts and crafts, but incorporates learning of local ecology in a bi-lingual environment. What else could be better for any young mind? What’s more, it’s probably only a little more per hour than regular baby sitting.

Octavia Jolley as head instructor should know what she is doing.  She has a back ground educating children and adults in public schools and whale watch tours as a naturalist guide.  Her passion for conservation and the local environment and being a mother herself of two young boys, inspired her to creating this fun and interactive hands on program.

We caught up with Octavia, who also runs Break Fast located on the Malecon, right on the beach in down town Sayulita, Mexico.

Question: Can you describe how this idea got started? Why this particular theme?

Octavia: I have always been fascinated by the ocean and how much there is below the surface of the water. Several summers ago I worked as an instructor at the Monterey Bay Aquarium teaching kids about the marine life via snorkeling and diving. It was great to see how excited kids get when they find animals swimming underwater or hiding in crevices in rocks, things they didn’t even know existed. I took this experience and I applied it to how I could work with kids here in Sayulita, and came up with the idea of the Sea Camp.

Question: Can you tell us about a typical day in your camp? What types of activities are the children doing?

Octavia: Each day of Sea Camp has a different theme, so that one can attend for the whole week and learn new information each day. The idea is to teach about a habitat or type of animal through interaction and hands-on experiences. Therefore, we spend the day adventuring to an area on the beach, playing games, singing songs, story-telling, and do at least one science experiment and art project. The activities are constantly changing, so that the pace is upbeat and fun.

Question: Is there any message you’d like to pass on to prospective students or Parents?

Octavia: Sea Camp is a great way for kids to create their own memories while on vacation. They are learning and participating with other kids about a subject that seems to have a universal intrigue, the ocean! Through play and exploring, the hope is to introduce kids to the ocean, so that it becomes a life long passion.

Question: Do you have any good stories to tell about some interesting things that have happened since you got started?

Octavia: The best part of Sea Camp is the spontaneity of each group. Each kid brings new facts to share, and each adventure brings new sightings. We have found exciting things from beached whales to squishy sea cucumbers. Learning from the kids as they learn about nature always brings out the best in each camp.

The Sea Camp runs from 9am – 1pm, Monday to Friday and Lunch is included, and don’t forget your sunscreen, sunhat, and beach shoes.

*Ages 4-10 years

Price Information in USD:
Day: $44
Week: $195

Completion of the course receives a certificate and a T-Shirt!

If you’re interested, contact Octavia Jolley through the following phone number – Mexico Cell Phone: +52-322-151-8902, or check her site out at Sayulita Life

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