Sayulita: Welcome to Organic, Mexico

If you’re traveling to Sayulita, Mexico, and happen to be around on a Friday, make sure you stop by the Mercado del Pueblo. The market is open between the hours of 10am – 1:30pm, and runs from Mid November to June.

Sayulita Farmers Market

Mercado del Pueblo Ladies

This market is in its second year of operations, and run by a committed group of local energetic women, and the local and tourist population of the town are all the better off for it! On one of our usual visits to the market, Off the beaten track decided to bring along our camera, and catch some of the vendors.

It wasn’t any surprise to find some spectacular food, because the competition is strong from the local street taco vendors and restaurants around the town.

Fresh Organic Fruits, Vegetables, and Meat: There were several stalls selling locally grown, organic vegetables and fruit.

Organic Vegetables

All Local, All organic

Juices, Coffee, Tinctures, and Drinks: Among the booths you’ll also find great juices, and drinks made from purely authentic Mexican recipes which include a mixture of the most unlikely ingredients, including pear, pineapple and beet juice, kiwi, lime and cucumber, mixtures of rice and natural vanillas, they’re all remarkable, and go great with the rest of the eatables.

Other Products: The farmers market also has vendors which sell desserts, pies, incense, fresh eggs, coffee, and teas, and chickens. This dog looked especially interested in the chickens.

Fresh Juice?

Juice Anyone?

The vision of the Mercado del Pueblo is to bring local, sustainable and natural food products to the people of Sayulita and its surrounding communities in an inviting community location.   All products at the market are grown, raised, harvested, preserved or transformed in some way by the vendors.  The Mercado is organized and managed by a small group of four local women who are dedicated to this vision; all members of the Mercado Committee volunteer their time and effort towards the Mercado.  The Mercado Committee actively seeks the input and collaborations of all community members in the hopes of creating a shared vision for the Mercado.  All final decision about the Mercado is made by the committee according to the following philosophy:

Our Philosophy:

– We value high quality, natural consumable products and want to ensure that they are  provided to residents and visitors of Nayarit in a fun, warm and welcoming setting.
– We value meeting local farmer’s and families who are working hard to grow and make their own products and enjoy working with them to ensure that they can sell their products directly to consumers.
– We enjoy learning about local foods and food products and want to share this knowledge with residents and vendors.- We enjoy being part of a community event that promotes healthy and sustainable living practices.
– We hope that the Mercado is a springboard for community development, networking and relationship building.

Please note the Mercado is now located down by the river near the beach. The location has been some what moving, but at the time of this posting, that is where you’ll find it.

So, if you find your self in Sayulita on  Friday during November to June, we encourage you to stop by for some freshly grown organically inspired goodies!

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