Sayulita, Mexico: Reviews for top 3 places to catch sunsets

Sunset in Sayulita

photo by Donna Day

One of the great events every day in Sayulita is the sunset hour—you can hang at your house, you can hang on the beach, or you can pull up a chair at a café and kick back with a cocktail to watch the sun go down and light up the sky.

From my point of view, there are three great bars to dial in the sundown. First, the classic Don Pedro’s, near the south end of the beach—fanciest place in town, downstairs bar with sports TV, you can watch football on TV, live surfers ripping up the waves, and a beautiful sunset over Punta Sayulita all at the same time.

Don Pedro's Sunset

Or walk up a block to El Costeno, order a killer goldfish bowl-sized Margarita, and grab a table in the sand for sundown surf, sky, and people watching. Finally, La Terrazola, across the river on the north side. Sunsets last longer, the beach is less crowded, the vibe is calmer. They all three rock at the sunset hour.

Justin HendersonJustin Henderson is the author of nine books on architecture and interior design, travel guides to Costa Rica, Los Angeles, and the Caribbean, and seven murder mysteries featuring amateur sleuth Lucy Ripken. His surfing style is much like his writing, playful, smooth and easy on the eyes.

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