Your service was great. My first order contained some damaged packages, and you immediately replaced the damaged packages without a hassle. I appreciated that and am now enjoying the great salt. :>)

-Lee Peachey
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 7 -2014

Wanted to let you know that I love your salt! The flavor is delicious and it is easy to use. I had a glass jar with a cork lid already and it is working fine. Since I am alone and haven’t ever been a big salt user, I am not depleting my supply very rapidly. However, I do plan on ordering more when I need to because it is such a great product. Thanks!

-Cindy K –
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 4 -2014

Great service! I received the SALT quickly and am still learning how to use it in my homemade recipes!

-Deeann Hock
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Mar 18 -2014

Salt tastes very good. Did not know if it was hype or not. Service was quick, all around excellent service and product.

-Tony Sanfilippo
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Mar 11 -2014

My order got split into two somehow and the email/phone support I got was helpful, fast, and pleasant.

Well done Saltines!

-Matthew Stillman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Mar 11 -2014

I absolutely love this product! It has helped me with my asthma… Ya I know sounds crazy, although it’s true! Check out Besides helping me breathe better…. the taste is the best tasting salt I have ever had and it makes food taste so much better. Very happy!

-Derek Vincent
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 27 -2014

My shipment was damage and you replaced my entire order.
But what impressed me the most was a personal call from you explaining the poor shipping packaging that was out of your control
Your company exceeded customer satisfaction beyond any company I ever dealt with (and I’m 60 years young). Your company is already a true success because you truly care about your customers. Thank you again for all your help. Mary Anne (Warrington, Pa.)

-Mary Anne Mohr
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 18 -2014

This is BY FAR the best tasting, cooking, feeling in my body salt that I have ever tried. As far as service, it arrived well packed, with good instructions and promptly. I LOVE THIS SALT. Do not cook or garnish with any other, now

-Robin Janis
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 18 -2014

I sprinkle your salt on almost everything I eat! One reviewer described it as “coarse”. It has texture, but the texture reminds me of the snowflakes that fell on my tongue yesterday–my tongue woke up initially, but as they dissolved instantly there was nothing put pure pleasure coursing throughout my body from the experience. Himalayan and Celtic salt are “coarse” and must be ground up, but neither product elicits the response I feel from Aztec Sea Salt.
I’m a NP (nurse practitioner) by training and my clinical hunch is that I may be slightly deficient in one of the countless minerals contained in your product. Thus, my craving for this gift from the earth.
My other hunch is I was exceptionally lucky to be a recipient of your initial email advertising your new business and product–a product I consider to be a blessing and a gift from Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Ocean.
-Miriam Edelweiss
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 11 -2014

I’ll have to admit I was slightly-skeptical-but-willing-to-try after hearing about Aztec Sea Salt. You better thank Mike Geary for effectively spreading the word about you guys…..

But NOW!!!!! GOOOOLLLLLYYY!…. I sprinkle Aztec sea salt on my organic peanut butter when I when I’m just snacking straight out of the jar… I look for ANY excuse …. I sprinkle some on my English muffin after the butter melts…. I load up my soups at the table (cuz I don’t cook soups with that much salt)……. I love the crunch it gives and the flavor is primordial… Now I know why animals lick the stuff!

Thank you for genuinely improving the quality of my life….

-Jeff Berger
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 30 -2014

After traveling the globe and interviewing some of world’s top chef’s for, I can certainly say that salt and spice are two of the most important pieces in simply accenting just about any dish out there. I personally went to Sayulita, Mexico to review this salt in conjunction with my stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, and can honestly say this experience is as first class as you can ship to your own home from Amazon. Not only is the product 100% sustainable, which also means no harsh mining techniques or chemical bleaching is used, but these guys are helping salt farmers and their families to create lives they are proud of. I fully support this product, and its unique minerality, with the hope that you will try it in your own kitchen as I have.

Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 30 -2014

I had a problem and it was taken care of in a very timely manner.

-Peggy Brookshier
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Love the salt, and Customer Support is impeccable!

-Kiko Okada
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Received my order of salt last week and I have to say its amazing. It taste so different from the sea salt you purchase at the market. And like you mentioned you don’t have to use as much. I’m a big fan! Thank you.
-Georgianna Michios
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Well, from ordering to receiving and now using the salt all is perfect. I like the taste!

-Elisabeth Dillon
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

The only thing is that the salt is course and moist. So, it takes time to dry it and then to grind it. But I did not mind doing that. I like the taste, but need to supplement with iodine, since your salt has none.

-Branka Petrie
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Product arrive quickly. Packaging was first class.

-Kris Gregg
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 27 -2014

Thank you all for doing what you do. I am on my second bag of this fine, magnificent sea salt! I actually purchased a second bag before I have finished the first one! I cannot express the satisfaction this salt product brings to my fiancé and I’s dinners eat night. It has brilliant flavor that immediately captivates your senses. Its robust flavor leaves no doubt as the the superiority of this product versus the rest. And after checking out the production process of this salt I became even more proud to support its origins and more appreciative of every splendid grain of Aztecan sea salt I have purchased. My many thanks to you all!

-Erick Almasi
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 21 -2014

I loved how quickly I received my order, but better than that is the actual product! Even my picky 9 year old LOVES it!

-Wendy Rahn
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 19 -2014

The taste of the salt is a much better taste then regular salt.

-Mark Cruz
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014