What a great product! No wonder my Ex the gourmet was so adamant about the product. And I’m now a disciple too.
It happens that I DO have a favorite and maybe novel use for Aztec. My favorite treat might be the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten and I have it every day: One avocado a la Aztec. (usually in two helpings):
1. Cut a perfect avocado in half lengthwise. Refrigerate the half with nut, with a half- lime in a baggie for later.
2. Scoop out your half, slice it lengthwise and flatten array. divide in half for bite-size pieces.
3. Squeeze 1/2 lime to cover the pieces then sprinkle on the Aztec. Nothing else works as well.
4. This is like a margarita without the hangover! …and a blast for the taste buds.
Hope you like it- thanks for the great product.
-Jackson Coleman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jul 13 -2015

I did receive my order I am so pleased with this salt and grateful to the salt farmers and people like yourself who take the time to teach the rest of us.Kuhn Aikon is the grinder I’m using it serves the purpose well also. Blessings Carol

-Carol Bend
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 20 -2015

So happy to find this salt. It is exactly what I wanted. I am using and enjoying it already. Thanks.

-Betty Tinker
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 15 -2015

I have already used this salt on multiple entrees and truly love the boldness. The seasalt is big enough that you do not need much of it and is a great garnish to any appetizer. Any chefs out there would be pleased with this in their kitchen. I was able to receive this product on time and it was packaged appropriately.

-Shannon O’Neill
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Oct 23 -2014

Is there such a thing as getting addicted to salt? If so, this is what happened as soon as your product landed on our kitchen counter!! Thank you so much for making such an awesome product!! Will definitely spread the word!! 😉

-Braffy Slim
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Aug 9 -2014

The salt was shipped quick. I started using it right away. I love it. A few pinches makes everything taste great! Thank you.

-Chris Stewart
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jul 9 -2014

Great product. Would never go back to regular salt. Thanks

-Giridhar Narayanaswami
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jun 22 -2014

This is one of the nicest products I’ve tried in a long time. Wow, I never knew that salt could be so good!!

-Helena J.
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jun 21 -2014

The video explaining where it comes from was so great. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do, and for explaining. I had no idea how sea salt was even made. Thanks!

-Rosemarie Bock
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 23 -2014

Better than sugar ever thought to be!! I love to take a few grains and just let them melt in my mouth. I made the best salad? or whatever – fresh baby spinach leaves, fried up a half cup of minced bacon ends from US Wellness Meats. poured hot over spinach to wilt, added a couple of rubbed pinches of your WONDERFUL sea salt and devoured it – so good I couldn’t believe!!! Easy and healthy too!!! Thanks guys – love your salt!!
-Barb Rothe
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 23 -2014

Service was wonderful and the volume discount price was even more so!! Love the flavor the Aztec Sea Salt adds to the food. I’ve shared some of the salt with my sister and my niece, and they also have rave reviews! Thanks for everything.

-Cindy Bryan
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 28 -2014

Great and unique taste, nothing compared to table salt or other sea salt I was used to. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

-Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 23 -2014

Loved the salt. Lush but punchy at the same time.

Author of Salted: A manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral, with recipes.
Winner of the 2011 James Beard Award

-Mark Bitterman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

My go-to salt for nutrient-rich flavor without overpowering foods. One pinch transforms everything from wild-caught fish to steamed kale, which makes AztecSeaSalt a mainstay in my kitchen.

NY Times Best Selling Author
“The Virgin Diet”

-JJ Virigin
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

I am a Salt-aholic but because of all the hoop-la out there about how bad salt is for us, I cut it out. Then The Salt Revolution caught my eye. I did some research & it opened my beautiful browns. Is there anything out there that Big Corp hasn’t ruined?
When my 1st order came, evidently the packaging had not been sealed correctly & there was salt all over the place. I contacted the company & they graciously sent me a duplicate order. No charge. No questions asked. Meantime I gather the salt & begin my adventure. Oh my, I had no idea salt had a flavor! I couldn’t stop tasting it. Aztec Sea Salt is a GORgeous addition to my spice table. I cook w/it. I finish w/it. I bake w/it. I dry some to put in my salt grinder & to have some available when I bake which I grind w/a mortar & pestle. It lends such a brightness to food without that dusty saltiness. It’s not just…salt: It’s substantial & has weight & I love the fact that it’s fair trade. This company has the kind of integrity that I can support & a product that I can feel really, really good about. Will I tell my friends? I do.

Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

The timeframe from order date to delivery date was very short.
The salt is SO MUCH SALTIER than any other salt I’ve used, which means a little goes a LONG WAY.
I also like the fact that it is healthier than the other salts on the market. I recommend it!

-Sharon Hilton
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

I use so small of an amount and it truly goes a long way. Thanks, I love this salt.

-Nancy Schwenk
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 15 -2014

It tastes like what I always thought “salt” should taste like. After receiving my shipment, I doubt that I would buy salt at the supermarket again.
-Les Lurey
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 15 -2014

Most of the people I know don’t care what they put in their bodies. Because I do, I’m the weird one! So………….if I’m asked, I will tell. Thanks for the great salt.

-Sarah Rusnok
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 10 -2014

I bought the Aztec Sea Salt when I get one of your emails recommending it earlier, and I absolutely love it.  My kids thought I was crazy to spend so much, but I’m going to share some with them, and I know they’ll understand why it’s worth the cost.  I’m writing to mention that an added benefit has been that adding a little extra to my food every day has completely eliminated my nighttime leg cramps.  Everytime I try to eat more low-carb (I’m doing Shawna Kaminski’s 21 Day Challenge right now) I get horrific leg cramps at night.  I was researching this and saw a recommendation to add some extra Celtic salt to your diet.  I tried it with the Aztec Sea Salt and problem solved first day out.  So – in addition to being delicious – it’s solved a serious problem for me.
By the way – I love the information that you put out.  Thanks so much.
-Maggie Y
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 7 -2014