What a great product! No wonder my Ex the gourmet was so adamant about the product. And I’m now a disciple too.
It happens that I DO have a favorite and maybe novel use for Aztec. My favorite treat might be the healthiest thing I’ve ever eaten and I have it every day: One avocado a la Aztec. (usually in two helpings):
1. Cut a perfect avocado in half lengthwise. Refrigerate the half with nut, with a half- lime in a baggie for later.
2. Scoop out your half, slice it lengthwise and flatten array. divide in half for bite-size pieces.
3. Squeeze 1/2 lime to cover the pieces then sprinkle on the Aztec. Nothing else works as well.
4. This is like a margarita without the hangover! …and a blast for the taste buds.
Hope you like it- thanks for the great product.
-Jackson Coleman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jul 13 -2015

I did receive my order I am so pleased with this salt and grateful to the salt farmers and people like yourself who take the time to teach the rest of us.Kuhn Aikon is the grinder I’m using it serves the purpose well also. Blessings Carol

-Carol Bend
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 20 -2015

So happy to find this salt. It is exactly what I wanted. I am using and enjoying it already. Thanks.

-Betty Tinker
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 15 -2015

I have already used this salt on multiple entrees and truly love the boldness. The seasalt is big enough that you do not need much of it and is a great garnish to any appetizer. Any chefs out there would be pleased with this in their kitchen. I was able to receive this product on time and it was packaged appropriately.

-Shannon O’Neill
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Oct 23 -2014

Is there such a thing as getting addicted to salt? If so, this is what happened as soon as your product landed on our kitchen counter!! Thank you so much for making such an awesome product!! Will definitely spread the word!! ūüėČ

-Braffy Slim
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Aug 9 -2014

The salt was shipped quick. I started using it right away. I love it. A few pinches makes everything taste great! Thank you.

-Chris Stewart
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jul 9 -2014

Great product. Would never go back to regular salt. Thanks

-Giridhar Narayanaswami
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jun 22 -2014

This is one of the nicest products I’ve tried in a long time. Wow, I never knew that salt could be so good!!

-Helena J.
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jun 21 -2014

The video explaining where it comes from was so great. Thanks for taking the time to do what you do, and for explaining. I had no idea how sea salt was even made. Thanks!

-Rosemarie Bock
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 23 -2014

Better than sugar ever thought to be!! I love to take a few grains and just let them melt in my mouth. I made the best salad? or whatever – fresh baby spinach leaves, fried up a half cup of minced bacon ends from US Wellness Meats. poured hot over spinach to wilt, added a couple of rubbed pinches of your WONDERFUL sea salt and devoured it – so good I couldn’t believe!!! Easy and healthy too!!! Thanks guys – love your salt!!
-Barb Rothe
Aztec Sea Salt -- | May 23 -2014

Service was wonderful and the volume discount price was even more so!! Love the flavor the Aztec Sea Salt adds to the food. I’ve shared some of the salt with my sister and my niece, and they also have rave reviews! Thanks for everything.

-Cindy Bryan
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 28 -2014

Great and unique taste, nothing compared to table salt or other sea salt I was used to. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

-Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 23 -2014

Loved the salt. Lush but punchy at the same time.

Author of Salted: A manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Mineral, with recipes.
Winner of the 2011 James Beard Award

-Mark Bitterman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

My go-to salt for nutrient-rich flavor without overpowering foods. One pinch transforms everything from wild-caught fish to steamed kale, which makes AztecSeaSalt a mainstay in my kitchen.

NY Times Best Selling Author
“The Virgin Diet”

-JJ Virigin
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

I am a Salt-aholic but because of all the hoop-la out there about how bad salt is for us, I cut it out. Then The Salt Revolution caught my eye. I did some research & it opened my beautiful browns. Is there anything out there that Big Corp hasn’t ruined?
When my 1st order came, evidently the packaging had not been sealed correctly & there was salt all over the place. I contacted the company & they graciously sent me a duplicate order. No charge. No questions asked. Meantime I gather the salt & begin my adventure. Oh my, I had no idea salt had a flavor! I couldn’t stop tasting it. Aztec Sea Salt is a GORgeous addition to my spice table. I cook w/it. I finish w/it. I bake w/it. I dry some to put in my salt grinder & to have some available when I bake which I grind w/a mortar & pestle. It lends such a brightness to food without that dusty saltiness. It’s not just…salt: It’s substantial & has weight & I love the fact that it’s fair trade. This company has the kind of integrity that I can support & a product that I can feel really, really good about. Will I tell my friends? I do.

Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

The timeframe from order date to delivery date was very short.
The salt is SO MUCH SALTIER than any other salt I’ve used, which means a little goes a LONG WAY.
I also like the fact that it is healthier than the other salts on the market. I recommend it!

-Sharon Hilton
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 16 -2014

I use so small of an amount and it truly goes a long way. Thanks, I love this salt.

-Nancy Schwenk
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 15 -2014

It tastes like what I always thought “salt” should taste like. After receiving my shipment, I doubt that I would buy salt at the supermarket again.
-Les Lurey
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 15 -2014

Most of the people I know don’t care what they put in their bodies. Because I do, I’m the weird one! So………….if I’m asked, I will tell. Thanks for the great salt.

-Sarah Rusnok
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 10 -2014

I bought the Aztec Sea Salt when I¬†get¬†one of your emails recommending it earlier, and I absolutely love it. ¬†My kids thought I was crazy to spend so much, but I’m going to share some with them, and I know they’ll understand why it’s worth the cost. ¬†I’m writing to mention that an added benefit has been that adding a little extra to my food every day has completely eliminated my nighttime leg cramps. ¬†Everytime I try to eat more low-carb (I’m doing Shawna Kaminski’s 21 Day Challenge right now) I¬†get¬†horrific leg cramps at night. ¬†I was researching this and saw a recommendation to add some extra Celtic salt to your diet. ¬†I tried it with the Aztec Sea Salt and problem solved first day out. ¬†So – in addition to being delicious – it’s solved a serious problem for me.
By the way РI love the information that you put out.  Thanks so much.
-Maggie Y
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 7 -2014

Your service was great. My first order contained some damaged packages, and you immediately replaced the damaged packages without a hassle. I appreciated that and am now enjoying the great salt. :>)

-Lee Peachey
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 7 -2014

Wanted to let you know that I love your salt! The flavor is delicious and it is easy to use. I had a glass jar with a cork lid already and it is working fine. Since I am alone and haven’t ever been a big salt user, I am not depleting my supply very rapidly. However, I do plan on ordering more when I need¬†to¬†because it is such a great product. Thanks!

-Cindy K –
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Apr 4 -2014

Great service! I received the SALT quickly and am still learning how to use it in my homemade recipes!

-Deeann Hock
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Mar 18 -2014

Salt tastes very good. Did not know if it was hype or not. Service was quick, all around excellent service and product.

-Tony Sanfilippo
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Mar 11 -2014

My order got split into two somehow and the email/phone support I got was helpful, fast, and pleasant.

Well done Saltines!

-Matthew Stillman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Mar 11 -2014

I absolutely love this product! It has helped me with my asthma… Ya I know sounds crazy, although it’s true! Check out www.watercure.com Besides helping me breathe better…. the taste is the best tasting salt I have ever had and it makes food taste so much better. Very happy!

-Derek Vincent
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 27 -2014

My shipment was damage and you replaced my entire order.
But what impressed me the most was a personal call from you explaining the poor shipping packaging that was out of your control
Your company exceeded customer satisfaction beyond any company I ever dealt with (and I’m 60 years young). Your company is already a true success because you truly care about your customers. Thank you again for all your help. Mary Anne (Warrington, Pa.)

-Mary Anne Mohr
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 18 -2014

This is BY FAR the best tasting, cooking, feeling in my body salt that I have ever tried. As far as service, it arrived well packed, with good instructions and promptly. I LOVE THIS SALT. Do not cook or garnish with any other, now

-Robin Janis
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 18 -2014

I sprinkle your salt on almost everything I eat! One reviewer described it as “coarse”. It has¬†texture,¬†but the texture reminds me of the snowflakes that fell on my tongue yesterday–my tongue woke up initially, but as they dissolved instantly there was nothing put pure pleasure coursing throughout my body from the experience. Himalayan and Celtic salt are “coarse” and must be ground up, but neither product elicits the response I feel from Aztec Sea Salt.
I’m a NP (nurse¬†practitioner) by training and my clinical hunch is that I may be slightly deficient in one of the countless minerals contained in your product. Thus, my¬†craving¬†for this gift from the earth.
My other hunch is I was exceptionally lucky to be a¬†recipient¬†of your initial email advertising your new business and product–a product I consider to be a blessing and a gift from Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Ocean.
-Miriam Edelweiss
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Feb 11 -2014

I’ll have to admit I was slightly-skeptical-but-willing-to-try after hearing about Aztec Sea Salt. You better thank Mike Geary for effectively spreading the word about you guys…..

But NOW!!!!! GOOOOLLLLLYYY!…. I sprinkle Aztec sea salt on my organic peanut butter when I when I’m just snacking straight out of the jar… I look for ANY excuse …. I sprinkle some on my English muffin after the butter melts…. I load up my soups at the table (cuz I don’t cook soups with that much salt)……. I love the crunch it gives and the flavor is primordial… Now I know why animals lick the stuff!

Thank you for genuinely improving the quality of my life….

-Jeff Berger
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 30 -2014

After traveling the globe and interviewing some of world’s top chef’s for KitchenlessChef.com, I can certainly say that salt and spice are two of the most important pieces in simply accenting just about any dish out there. I personally went to Sayulita, Mexico to review this salt in conjunction with my stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, and can honestly say this experience is as first class as you can ship to your own home from Amazon. Not only is the product 100% sustainable, which also means no harsh mining techniques or chemical bleaching is used, but these guys are helping salt farmers and their families to create lives they are proud of. I fully support this product, and its unique minerality, with the hope that you will try it in your own kitchen as I have.

Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 30 -2014

I had a problem and it was taken care of in a very timely manner.

-Peggy Brookshier
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Love the salt, and Customer Support is impeccable!

-Kiko Okada
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Received my order of salt last week and I have to say its amazing. It taste so different from the sea salt you purchase at the market. And like you mentioned you don’t have to use as much. I’m a big fan! Thank you.
-Georgianna Michios
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Well, from ordering to receiving and now using the salt all is perfect. I like the taste!

-Elisabeth Dillon
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

The only thing is that the salt is course and moist. So, it takes time to dry it and then to grind it. But I did not mind doing that. I like the taste, but need to supplement with iodine, since your salt has none.

-Branka Petrie
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 29 -2014

Product arrive quickly. Packaging was first class.

-Kris Gregg
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 27 -2014

Thank you all for doing what you do. I am on my second bag of this fine, magnificent sea salt! I actually purchased a second bag before I have finished the first one! I cannot express the satisfaction this salt product brings to my fianc√© and I’s dinners eat night. It has brilliant flavor that immediately captivates your senses. Its robust flavor leaves no doubt as the the superiority of this product versus the rest. And after checking out the production process of this salt I became even more proud to support its origins and more appreciative of every splendid grain of Aztecan sea salt I have purchased. My many thanks to you all!

-Erick Almasi
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 21 -2014

I loved how quickly I received my order, but better than that is the actual product! Even my picky 9 year old LOVES it!

-Wendy Rahn
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 19 -2014

The taste of the salt is a much better taste then regular salt.

-Mark Cruz
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It is obvious from your service and comments that you are very customer focused.

-Ron Wood
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Service was great, shipping on time. We love the product…. One pkg in one home, one in the other, one in the RV and one for backup. We’re happy! We don’t use much salt but want the best when we do! Jan and Bob

-Janet Jones
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Everything was just as described in the offer. My shipment arrived quickly and on time. I will definitely order again. I do need a better way to dispense the salt.

-Betty Cockrell
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I LOVE this salt,- I’ve recommended it to anyone who’ll listen as it doesn’t make my fingers swell like my old salt plus it tastes absolutely amazing! ūüôā

-Amy Simpson
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

From start to finish my experience with Aztec Sea Salt has been a very pleasant one. The salt is wonderful and I plan to order again.

-Patricia Gardner
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The salt arrived sooner than expected and is wonderful to use in my cooking!

-Timothy Bennett
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Love working with Aztec Sea Salt.

-Marylynn Skeehan
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Best. Salt. Ever. Thank you!

-John Rutherford
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I was surprised how quickly I received my order. Love the salt!

-Deborah Savage
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

This is great salt I haven’t tasted anything like it. And the service is
very fast. I’m about ready for a reorder.
Carl Maggio

-Carl Maggio
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Website easy to use and even though they were temporarily out of the salt, they were quick to get my shipment to me once they had the product in stock.

-Elaine Lake
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It was a wonderful experience dealing with this fabulous company. Just like the salt itself, perfection!

-Tom Meservey
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I appreciate the timely updates on my orders and delivery has always been great. Me gusta la sal!

-John Fitzsimmons
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The salt is amazing, I have recommended it to all my friends. Thank you!

-Ralph Pabon
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Service was superb. Can’t complain. I truly love this salt!

-Lucina Moses
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I thought the materials describing the product, describing the people involved in its production/distribution and describing the quality of the product were very helpful. The purchase experience was second to none. Making the offer for the additional free bag plus the extremely quick ship time were excellent. Also, in addition to the quality and taste of the actual product, I really appreciate the quality and functionality of the bags used. They re-seal perfectly and easily and keep moisture out. I have not had the need to try to transfer the salt to another container. Your Team has done a great job, front to back.

-John Stasney
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Salt is exceptional. I have been telling its story everywhere. II use such a small amount of it at a time this shipment will last a while. It has the best flavor of anything I have ever tried.

-Jane Beahn
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Very friendly staff and the salt tastes great!

-Brooke Standley
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Great salt, good health benefits and nice customer service!

-Cynthia Shelton
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The service was great. The shipping was
faster that I expected. I love the salt.
Thank you

-Lorrie Coutu
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Salt delivered when promised, tastes better than I thought it would. Great salt!!!

-John Pachler
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

This is the best. I was never much of a salt user with this I really enjoy. Your company came to me from a recommendation by Isabel del Los Rio (my nutritionist) The service was great, I worried my order would not be filled because of limited supply, the next thing I know my order has arrived. Good stuff!

-Laura Lawson
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Everything arrived as advertised. I am very pleased, so much, that I shared a package with my brother who will order his own shortly

-Claudia Kauffman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It was backordered for quite a while, but the superior taste was worth the wait.

-Liz Estrada
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I was well cared for… All questions were addressed quickly.. I love this salt

-Lou Ann Bray
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Service was great. Salt is great. Everything was great.
Merry Christmas!

-Maxine Couture
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014


-Paula Comer
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Very clean and efficient. Quick delivery time.

-Andrew Feinhals
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I was very impressed with your sea salt I do like it and I’ve arty told people about it

-Lyndia Ward
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

QUICK, easy, and I love that it is so fine and simply melts when cooking.”Thank you!!

-Hilda Jimenez
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Service was great. Wish you sold a salt shaker that let it shake out.

-Gayla Hoit
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Received it in a timely fashion.

-Vivian Bain
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Quick delivery, salt as expected. I wrote already about this, but to reiterate, you should attach a small booklet to the packets that explains the salt, how to dry it for grinding, why it is damp, etc.


-Wendy Schell
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Love the salt. Getting used to the taste and texture. Will recommend to friends.

-Lynda Earnest
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Great service, and an excellent tasting product

-John Scott
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It was very very good. Thank you for introducing this type of salt to me. I put it on about everything I can.
Jan B.

-Jan Baloga
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I really appreciated how quickly you personally responded to my email question!

-Lisa Casady
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

it shipped super fast! great customer service.

-Samantha Phenix
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The service was great. The salt was received very timely even though I live on an islamd in SE Alaska. The salt has a great taste. I will order more when I run out.

-Teddy Williams
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

courteous service. All questions answered on the phone. I really like the salt and will purchase more at a later date.

-Joy Smith
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

flawless…no compaints! this will last me awhile,but i have increased my consumption..& will definitely reorder later

-Ken Peters
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Arrived quickly, and we are enjoying the great flavor!

-Randall Hlad
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Fast response to my question about the bag

-Heather Remien
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I love your salt. You have a client for life.


-Carole Alain
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I have received emails, but have not started using the product (too much holiday craziness). I was pleased with the promptness of the order processing and delivery.

-Ronda Dickerson
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

reliable and efficient service. Nice newsletters add that extra something.

-Rosemarie Szalich
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Delivery was on time, packaging is
convient and the salt tastes really

-Ray Caldwell
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Very happy to have the product. Still trying to figure out if it will work in the grinder I bought.

-Allen Lorentzen
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

great so far a+ so far thanks!

-Yenney Gravatt
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Recibí la sal bien rápido, excelente servicio.

-Manuel Mendez
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Quick delivery, great product. Hopefully, you can lower the prices for those of us who have purchased the product.

-Mark Wexler
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The product arrived quicker than the stated delivery when I placed the order.

-George Lishchuk
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It came quickly and is delicious. I like the recipes in the newsletter.

-Donna Byers
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It arrived quickly. I liked the packaging.
Its a little pricey…:)

-Janet Walter
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Love the salt and was very pleased with the ease of the whole process and quick delevery. Have been talking it up to family and friends. I would be interested in finding out if there is a sampling kit to be able to hand out for posible sales. If you have a large purchase discount etc. I would be interested.

Thanks, Ron Vickers, Lubbock, Tx.

-Ronald Vickers
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The service has been exceptional. I am a new customer and I have nothing but good things to say. If there are any doubters out there about the true difference of this salt and others, I suggest you try it.
I do a lot of cooking and I enjoy the exceptional taste this salt brings to my dishes.

-John Catron
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Everything came through as promised. Even got it sooner than expected. Thanks.

-Ronald Fannin
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Very prompt with all from the time we ordered till our shipment arrived. We were informed when our ordered was mailed out. Loved the product we have niticed the richness in the flavor it brings to our meals.

-Lydia Del Toro
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

The service was good. I ordered the product, it arrived in a timely manner. There is a a bag within the bag…a little difficult to use, but nonetheless, a bag.
I wish I could divvy the salt up to give to people. It is kind of odd to fill a baggie with salt! What will they think I am giving them! LOL

-Barbara Degroot
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Arrived quickly. Product itself is amazing. It has no sharp bite, but instead tastes smooth, almost creamy.

-Karen Lakey
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Quick delivery – super product.


-Niki Rooke
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Service was excellent. I received my order quickly.

-Mary Saccoccio
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

So far my blood pressure does not go up using this salt so I say it’s a plus for me Thxs

-Mollie Johnson
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Great taste A little goes a long way

-Lenore Shapiro
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

We love the salt; best sea salt we’ve ever tasted!

-Kory Wegner
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

John was super helpful! Thank you!!

-Jeanie Burton
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Deliver perfect, ordering easy, salt fantastic

-Denise Eddy
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Ordering was easy. It arrived promptly & in good condition. It’s great salt & really like the moistness of it!

-Linda Forbush
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Prompt service and the salt does taste excellent.

-Randall Mautz
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

It was great, and the delivery went well, too. Thank you!

-Marilyn Greene
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Fast,professional and great followup!

-Cindy Payne
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Love the salt & love the service!

-Kimberly Stone
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I like the packing and the taste of the product. The website and the order process was not 100% user friendly. Can be done better.Price is not the best too. And I guess I ordered twice somehow so now I have salt for years to come.

-Juliana Milanov
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I was prepared for it to take a bit of time to receive but once my order went through and I got notice of shipment it was less than 3 days and it was at my door. Thank you

-Patricia Vigilante
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

Salt arrived quickly and tastes great!

-Carol Pomeroy
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 16 -2014

I already have recommended your product to my trainer

-John Sutton
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Very efficient and prompt service. I honor your trustworthiness in being true to your word especially regarding returning the product.

I wish you great success in your endeavor and the help you are extending to the local producers of the organic sea salt. If I were doing my cooking and can afford the price I would be a supporter.

-Anelie Arao
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Had no problems. Delivery came quickly. Product tastes great!

-Deborah Werts
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The sight was easy to use and my order was expedited without any problems.

Thank you

-Hazel Dunlavy
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Ordering was very easy and arrived quickly! Would order again

-Sylvia Huber
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Fast! No Problems. Love the bags that they are shipped in.

-Ronald Braswell
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Great service. I ordered it, it came we use it.

Love the crunch of the salt and the newsletters. I was not expecting it to be so white. I was expecting a darker color.

Also, one of the bags had come open during shipment and some of the salt was lost. I don’t want a replacement or anything but just wanted you to know.

-Ann Huseby
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

A great flavor and comforting thought that it has not been purified down to an unhealthy sprinkling of nothing.

-Ron Warthen
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I had a bag arrived damaged and it was IMMEDIATELY taken care of and replaced without anything on my part. Great service, great salt!

-Carol O'Connell
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

This service and product from Aztec Sea Salt is very good!

-Scott Stanley
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Integrity behind the product. Sincereness,earnestness.

-Rebekah Jacobson
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Good prompt and I didn’t think that salt could be so delicious — it makes everything sooo good,

-Ann Miller
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Gives new meaning to salt! Absolutely wonderful. I’ve tried salt from all over and this reigns high above all the rest! Shipping was fast and packaging was well done. Thanks guys!

-Catrina Stroud
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I have HBP so of course I love salt. This salt makes me feel better about my addiction to salt and I really try not to use much, and it tastes great.

-Shirley Makosky
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I particularly appreciated your personal response to my “lost” salt! I’m not a big salt/sodium user, but I have used some of the Aztec Sea Salt in my recent cooking (really want to try the cauliflower recipe!).

I gave the second bag of salt as a gift to a family member who is an awesome cook! I hope to hear from them soon how they are enjoying the salt!

Thank you so much for your prompt follow-up… and your continued good service! I really feel like I am a valued customer!

Kathe M

-Kj Machado
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Your lovely salt arrived quickly and as expected. Though it arrived a while ago, I just picked it up last week. I’m enjoying experimenting with it.
Thank you

-Sandra Lee
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Delivered a great product with no problems…everything was perfect.

-Kevin Hemstreet
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I received my purchase very quickly. I would still like some information about how to use (prepare) the product. I would like to know about an appropriate shaker as well. Thanks for a great product!

-Carole Krieger
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I ordered five bags with a sixth one free, and when they arrived via U.S. Mail, three of the bags had been damaged and their contents had escaped.
You sent me three replacements right away, which were handed out as Christmas gifts. Thank you very much for going above and beyond.
I’ll order more, as will those that received the gift.

-Thomas Loebel
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Very speedy and I was able to track my purchase. I have only used the salt in a couple of dishes so far and it’s great! Thanks for providing a processed free salt without the extra icky!!

-Sylvia Torres
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

It was quick and easy to get.

-Kerryn Booth
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The service was quick and easy. Hassle- free. ūüôā

-Joann Slater
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I appreciate your fast delivery & follow up hints! It is the best tasting salt ever!

-Shirley Cupler
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Service was very fast and efficient.

-Linda Novak
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The service was great! Would order again! This salt is the tastiest I’ve ever had!

-Leshawn Janer
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Service was excellent and the packaging is great.

-Ruth Politi
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The salt is very good and came quickly!

-Denise Thornsby
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I never tasted real salt until I tried Aztec Salt. Thanks and keep up the Hi quality.

-Rudolph Flowers
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

As weird as it may seem, we have not tasted (or opened) the salt yet. We will. Life has been busy. The order was processed easily and we received it quickly. Thanks.

-Anne Foster
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Really brings out the flavor of the food

-William Wegner
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Great service and true to their word. They will deliver as promised. If the salt takes time to arrive, they will send you updates as to when it gets to them and when they mail out to you.

-Leleiga Savali
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The service was excellent and my salt is delicious!

-Deborah Myers
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Great service & on time delivery!

-Leanna Eichorn
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I received my order very fast and was very happy with the service I received from you guys. I’m getting used to the salt now because it is like no other salt I have ever used (and I’ve used some pretty fancy stuff previously). This salt kind of grows on me, and I’m loving it more & more every day. Thanks for a great product – I could tell it is as natural as it gets and minimally processed.

-Vlada Otero
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

My salt came within a week! The taste difference between Aztec sea salt and table salt (even grocery store sea salt) is huge! I can’t believe I never knew what real salt tasted like. It’s changed the way I cook in such a positive way. I will never go back to “over the counter” salt again!!!

-Sarah Cocchiara
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The quality of the salt is incomparable
(and I have sampled a lot of sea salt).

I am also happy to be helping Mexicans become more self sufficient in their effort to lead satisfying lives.

Thanks for a great product!

-Anne Coo
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

I appreciate that you let me know up front the salt would be moist and to use it sparingly. I’m glad I went for the special – it is always fun to share something new that I like. You know your product!

-Cindy Simpson
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

Was quick & seamless – thank you!

-Patricia Cordes
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

It arrived quickly and tastes great. I have Tina salt grinder. Can I put it in a regular salt shaker?

-Carrie-Lynn Snee
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 15 -2014

The service and email follow-up and eNewsletter are GREAT. But I have to confess that the salt itself is not my favorite. I know it sounds crazy, but I find the salt too salty for my taste. I like a sweeter sea salt. The texture, moisture, etc. is wonderful, just the taste is not my favorite.

-Siobhan Miura
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

I know it is a good thing to support you, I am a little concerned that it is “sea-salt” and the Pacific coast is becoming contaminated from the Japanese Fukishima accident (radiation), have you any considerations or tests that can confirm it to be radiation-free?

-Jane Garcia
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

It tastes great. I need more time to evaluate it overall. It is very moist and I was surprised with this. It does not grind well at all. I don’t need it grinder much but would be nice sometimes. My current salt grinder will not work with it.

-Barbara Andrews
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Service was great – price way out of range for amount you receive.

-Twilla Brown
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was good, did not take to long for delivery and was very well packaged.

-Faye Winchar
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Service/delivery was on-time and as expected. Salt is wonderful and I appreciate the process that went into harvesting it, however, I don’t necessarily notice a huge flavor difference.

-Jamillah Sabry
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Since I’ve written to you there seems no need to go over the details again. Things worked out fine in the end.. R.

-Roberta Hayley
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

everything okay, wife likes the salt. Will be needing some more soon.

-Leonard Moore
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was excellent, the product was received in a timely manner.
As far as the benefits of the salt itself I have not used it for a long time, as you know. Especially due to my very little intake of salt – HBP – it will take me some time to do an accurate appreciation.
Thanks a million and happy New Year for the whole team involved with this business. Love, Regina

-Regina Foley
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Quick & Courteous.

-Avis Gnewuch
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The order and delivery process went smoothly. Product tastes light, is easy on the GI tract and does not cause lightheadedness when consumed on an empty stomach. Would appreciate info on product content, such as trace elements in typical %… this would allow me to move from “maybe” to “very likely” as far as recommending to others (addressing a common question on iodine, for instance).

-Meeling Roberts
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Did receive an excellent response to a problem with my order. However, am still not sure about the salt itself and have been a bit disappointed in the newsletters

-Minnie Dougherty
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was o k. I was unprepared for the strong flavor of the salt. It tasted like I had swallowed a mouthful of sea water. Your advertising did say it was a strong flavor and to use sparingly however I was still not prepared. Disappointed that I bought 2 bags. Elizabeth

-Elizabeth Cardarelli
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

I live in Outside the US, so I had it shipped to my family. I hope to try it in June when I visit them.

-Melva Hash
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

We are on a limited salt diet, but your service is excellent. It will take us a long time to use the two bags of salt we purchased.

-Joyce Speed
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Had to wait for order but that wasn’t a problem.

-Maria Baker
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was OK!

I wish it was more fine!

-Loren Davis
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

This time around the salt was much more chunky which I didn’t like.

-Deborah St. Onge
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was professional and the Aztec Sea Salt exceeds my expectations including the pack ageing.

-Frank Basile
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was great. The salt is very good, but it is too moist to work well in a grinder, and the crystals are too large to sprinkle on the food. I am using it during cooking and enjoy it very much.

-Gretchen Vanek
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service is fine, I received the package in a timely fashion. The salt is good but the cost is just too high.

Best wishes

-Debra Bibi
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service has been good I like receiving the emails and recipes.

-Ravi Stephens
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Pretty expesive salt,but the flavor is outstanding.

-Burkhart Ledeboer
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was great but the purchase is a 3 year supply for the two of us. Would like to return it to you.

-Arthur Phillips
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

I think the salt has a wonderful flavor, and if it’s better for my health, that’s awesome!

-Jan Dittbenner
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

I am not able to rate at this time as I just received the salt yesterday. I still need to dry it ,but I am looking forward to trying it.The delivery took some time. Sincerely Gloria

-Gloria Tallman
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was great! I have not used your salt yet so I could not rate your salt. I checked OK and maybe since I could not submit without answering.

-Judy Fukunaga
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

It took awhile to get the salt as you advised it would. Perhaps selling the knick knacks to go with it for ease of use would be an idea? It is awesome tasting and I like every aspect of using natural salt but as a first time user, the grinder wouldn’t work because the salt is too moist so have to hunt around for items to grind and then an easy serving devise. My wife is opposed to having it open on the counter and dirty fingers dipping in it every time while cooking. I think otherwise but other than great salt, happy wife, happy life right. :-)I have found a marble mortar & pestle and a small serving dish that closes and has a little spoon. I did see your email about on counter devices but seem to have lost it? Anyways will be ordering more once I use up what I have and I have given out a few to my Son in law and his family as well..

-Chris Dunn
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Even though your salt is of great quality, my family still prefers to use a salt shaker.

-Faith Hazan
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Appreciate the timely communications

-Davidson Cherry
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The product was pricy for what it is and not remarkably different than what’s locally available at a fraction of the cost.

-Rick Yazwinski
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

-Don Rypien
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Quick question..what “salt shaker” do you recommend. Many thanks

-Nina Love
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Well, I can only tell a subtle difference in taste from Kosher salt, so am only hoping for the health benefits.

Unlikely to reorder.

Fast shipping.

-Debohra Guido
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

purchase/delivery was fine. product is ‘wet’ and too course for me. Because it’s wet it doenst go through salt mill very well and it’s too course to sprinkle on foods directly.

-Robert Bunker
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

No complaints about the service.

-Deyanira Roque
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Fast service

-Julimarie Gill
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Service was good
I haven’t used wait for Christmas as a gift to me and a friend hope both of us will enjoy it

-Sanchin Wang
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

The service was great. So far the salts seems good.
I just eat that much at home.

-Wayne James
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Service good, but are there minerals in your salt? And the price seemed to go up or poundage down?

-Jan Distel
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Honestly it’s my secret ingredient so I kind of kept it to myself but for business wise I’ll share the secret with a few otherwise I’d give you a VERRY Likely.


-Sabrina Conner
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014

Not only was the time from ordering to recieving my product fast – the Salt is fantastic. As a Health Coach, i am always looking out for healthy and great tasting products. And Aztec Sea Salt is definitely one of them . Plus it only takes a pinch of salt rather than having to shake a whole bunch onto your food making this salt super economical. i am recommending it to all my family and friends.

-Carlos Solis
Aztec Sea Salt -- | Jan 13 -2014