Punta Mita: Relax on Anclote beach

Gentle Waves

Learning to surf, Punta Mita

Punta Mita is a small resort village which lies about a 45 minute drive north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport. The town is likely best known for hosting two of the more glamorous hotels in the Puerto Vallarta area, the St. Regis and Four Seasons hotels.  Visitors that are lucky enough to travel there for a day, or a few days, will soon see why these top resorts chose Punta Mita as their location to invest.

When you first drive into the parking lot at the end of the winding road from Puerto Vallarta, and walk through the access next to the Hotel Des Artistes along Ave Anclote,  you’ll be greeted with stunning views of Bahia Banderas, cool ocean breezes, blinding blue waters and friendly smiles from the staff at any of the restaurants along the beach.

The beach it self has a surf break right out front called Anclotes. This break is a favorite for vacationers that want to learn how to surf, or paddle board as the rides are long, gentle and smooth. There are more than a few surf board rental places that can be found along the beach, with one being right on the surf break beach.  The rate per hour ranges around $100MXN, with the cost around $200MXN for the day.

Punta Mita

Punta Mita Mexico

There is a marina in front of the restaurants along the beach with more than a few eager captains that would be happy to take people for a day’s fishing, or drop you off at one of the several off-shore surf breaks within a 20 minute boat ride.

The people that are fortunate enough to go to places and beaches like El Anclote’s often take for granted the views that be found from the beach. The whiter than usual sands provide a near Caribbean like hue for the ocean, and the mountainous back drop of Banderas Bay provoked a similarity from an out-of-town friend to the Red Sea in Egypt.

While there are several activities that can be found in the area, a highly recommended one is to grab an umbrella and relax on the beach. You won’t need to worry about packing a lunch as the beach vendors will be more than happy to sell you local in-season fruit, water melon, or fresh oysters with chili and lime at  very reasonable prices.  After spending the day there recently myself, I can vouch for the authentically beautiful memories you’ll be left with as you head back home.



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