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This post is dedicated to the memory of one of my dearest friends, Jasper Wardman. If you’re here to find emergency pet care numbers on after hours vet services in Puerto Vallarta, scroll down the page to find them.

Gentleman Jasper, as I lovingly referred to him, was a black labrador that came from the United Kingdom to Bermuda, and then on to México to spend his last years. From the day we first met him inside an airline hanger in Bermuda, he couldn’t have been better behaved, more intelligent or a more beloved part of our family. I recall with vivid detail how I first set eyes on him as he stepped out of a travel crate after a grueling 12 hour flight from the UK. He calmly walked out, lazily stretched, looked up at us with a twinkle in his 3 month old eye, and wagged his tail. It was as if someone had torn open a package that said – Instant family pet, just add water. I’d like to make one mention of his training period to illustrate the rarity of this animal.  I trained him how to heel in about 45 seconds, no joking, that’s how in tune he was to wanting to perform his absolute best to conform with our wishes. For the rest of his life, he never needed reminding of where he was supposed to walk on a lead, only a simple hand signal and he’d immediately respond. 

In Bermuda, Jasper lived an idyllic life with puppyhood friends Darwin, Maggie, Monty, Archie, Piper and Kato. Like all labs, he loved to chase tennis balls, but even more to dig for them. He didn’t care about picking them up and tossing them to himself, he just liked to dig for them as my sister can attest after he destroyed a 4 month long garden project on the first day of a 2 month long dog sit. We received a very nervous call from her wondering if it was quite normal for Jasper to dig in the yard, we replied, ” No, never, ahhh – was there a tennis ball around?” Remove the ball, no more digging to the relief of my sister. When we moved to México and tennis balls were a lot more scarce (non-existant) Jasper took to digging coconuts that he’d find lying on the beach. Once in a while, a foolish tourist would start throwing the heavy nuts into the water, and Jasper would energetically hurl himself into the crashing Pacific Ocean surf until the person’s arm became so sore from throwing, they couldn’t lift them up. Jasper would then merrily amuse himself for hours on the beach by digging lanes and mounds of sand around the coconuts. These piles would line the beaches around the area we live, and we’d often get comments from friends around town “I saw Jasper’s digging piles yesterday, looks like we just missed you at the beach.”

Last month after Jasper was hit by a car, we determined he could not live a quality life due to the loss of control and use for the back half of his body. Sadly, we laid him under a mango tree with his collar and tags and a coconut as his head stone. Even now, weeks after him being gone, it still brings tears to my eyes when I see a coconut floating in the water. I’ll never be able to look at coconuts the same way, nor ever conceive how such a simple thing could bring such joy into a dog’s life. After our previous dog Winston died, my very concerned five year old son asked, “Who is going to throw Winston tennis balls in heaven?” I replied, ” Well, I believe Jesus could do this”. Now JC will be throwing tennis balls to Winston, and coconuts to Jasper, I’m sure he’ll be thanking me for adding these two duties to his already busy schedule.

So, in response to a remark from a friend that recently lost his dog due to not being able to find any emergency vets or  after hour vet services in the Bahia Banderas region, and in loving memory to Gentleman Jasper, I will optimize this page for the search queries of Veterinary Services, emergency Vet Services Puerto Vallarta, Vet After Hours Bucerias Vallarta, so that the next person that may need them, will hopefully find this post useful and may in fact save their pets life.

After hours veterinary services

Miguel Dominguez 322-429-7000
Juan Carlos Mendoza 322-294-3600
Roberto Alvarado 322-139-7770
Francisco Medina ( speaks English) 322-128-8100
Daniel Ibarra 322-118-6318

Also, I have heard that Wolfs Vallarta is another excellent vet clinic. Emergency: 322-779-4413Office: 322-293-4474

The vet we used for our dog was Doctor Alejandro Fregosa with Centro Medico Veterinario 322-150-5401/322-799-2187. If you need someone that speaks English, ask for Mabelle, she works with Alejandro and speaks English very well. Their clinic is equipped with an X-ray and can perform surgery on the spot and WILL answer their phone at 4am as we found.

I would highly recommend getting the address from the Vet and finding a taxi in Puerto Vallarta that can guide you to the treatment facility as finding some of these offices in the middle of the night can be near impossible to do.

If you have any comments, questions or remarks about experiences that you may have found with Vet services or emergency pet care in Puerto Vallarta, please write us at info@cuponismo.com, or leave a remark and we’ll keep a running dialog on the best tips to take care of your pets.

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