Puerto Vallarta: Top 7 sources for Information

Puerto Vallarta Information

When I go to a search engine and type in the words Puerto Vallarta Information, over 4,500,000 sites come up. The search Puerto Viarta comes up as many times as Vallarta, 1,200,200 times a month on Google, with one site actually owning the domain to capitalize on the high number of searches for this mis-spelling. So, how do we deal with filtering through all of this information? Simple, let Cuponismo help you out and save this post, book mark us, or use your favorite Social Media tool to mark and save.

Here are our top 7 sites for finding information on Puerto Vallarta area.

1. PV Pulse:  Where does Cuponismo go when it wants to find out real things that are happening in Puerto Vallarta? Well, one of our go-to sources for information is a newer site, compared to the others in this post, called PV Pulse. Not so new they haven’t compiled their own impressive amount of content, or Facebook and Twitter followers.  PV Pulse extensively posts on their site and Facebook page about fun events, and things that are going on. We find ourselves constantly retweeting from this one source, so we encourage you to sign up to their Facebook page if you have any interest in the area at all.   The calendar of Puerto Vallarta events is particularly useful, and when the bridge was out in September of 2010, we found out the news from the Pulse. While doing some searches for Puerto Vallarta News, Information or about vallarta, the site didn’t come up once, so make note of it!

2. Banderas News: Another great news and information site is the Banderasnews.com site. This source is packed with more news related items, and is very comprehensive in the amount of information contained on the site.  There is also a strong sense of charity and community displayed, always a good sign for a well thought out site with active involvement in the area.  This is another highly recommended source for Puerto Vallarta news and information.

3.  AllaboutPuertoVallarta.com: All About PV comes in at the number 3 spot and has high rankings in most common searches for Vallarta information.  The site offers information mostly for tourists and includes some advertising, likely a strong source for their revenue. The blog hosts a writer that has written for Cuponismo, so they know what they’re doing (wink, wink).  The authors of this site also run similar sites in Cabo, Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, Oaxaca, and Riviera de Maya. We can guess that they’re busy, know what they’re doing and have a lot of stuff going on.

4. PuertoVallarta.net: Second down the list in this Information search is PuertoVallarta.net, a company which has been around since 1999.  As taken from the website, they maintain web presence from many of the most respected companies in the Puerto Vallarta area, and I have no doubt about it.  The site mostly focuses on services which lend assistance to tourists, and judging from the amount of content they have online, and that they took up the 3 of the top 5 organic search results, they have experience and a lot of content. The content however, mostly seems to be limited to finding hotel rooms, taxis and the like.

5. Vallarta-info.com: One of the first sites that came up on our Google Vallarta information search was vallarta-info.com. The site looks to be regularly updated, and no doubt the web master has spent considerable time compiling the information, and likely even more maddening, keeping it updated.  It has a good synopsis of information from a high level view and includes areas outside the city like Bucerias, Nuevo Vallarta, and the down town. The admin for this site maintains a good presence on Lonely Planet as well, and has demonstrated a strong knowledge of the Puerto Vallarta area.

6.  VisitPuertoVallarta.com: The official PV site comes in at number 4 when we search for Vallarta information, but barely makes the first page of search results. In terms of search if you’re not on the first page, you don’t exist, and this is from Puerto Vallarta’s official City website. The official site is loaded with great photography, and depicts the area well, but again is mostly set up to sell tour packages, hotel rooms, and taxis. If that’s what you’re looking for the site can no doubt be well trusted.

7. VallartaToday.com: The Vallarta Today is Puerto Vallarta’s only English daily news paper, and would come in higher if we were searching for Puerto Vallarta News. Their website unfortunately had problems the two or three times that I visited it, so not all of the information was able to be displayed. In a time when there are thousands of websites that we may chose from to find information, it’s critical that no errors ever occur on a website or a user may never return. I am making note of this myself.

There are dozens of other sites which also provide useful information on Puerto Vallarta, including this site, but the above mentioned ones are some of the most extensive.

If you felt this post was useful, tell us! Or share it with anyone that has an interest in Puerto Vallarta. If you felt your site should be added to this list, also tell us and we’ll check it out.


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