How To Make The Best Smoothie Ever

What’s the best smoothie or fruit juice you’ve ever had? Do you remember it? Chances are you may or may not, but I can tell you, I will claim today as having one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had. What’s a smoothie? Well, it depends on where you live or your general preferences for fruit drinks, but for me it must be something that’s cool, fresh, and not too sweet. Something light, but when you drink it, you can feel your body just soaking up the goodness. Your surrounding environment can of course help to make the smoothie even better, and that’s where I found myself today, drinking the best smoothie I’ve ever had.

It starts with a really good juice stand. In Mexico, you’ll be able to find one or several near the town center, plaza or zocalo. The one I happen to find is called Mi Buen Smoothie, which means, My Good Smoothie. I’d seen this one particular vendor several times and never stopped, but today I decided to and while I waited as Armando prepared my concoction he explained to me some of the finer arts of creating the perfect juices or smoothies. He says at times he’ll either know the person well enough that he can create something that he thinks they need, or, he’ll ask what things they like, or if they have any preferences, and then he’ll create you something.

Here’s one of his standard’s though, and it’s so popular but requires enough preparation that he needs to pre-make them in small tupperware containers before his customers come because it would take too long. These ingredients are all local, fresh, and likely the recipes are found no where else in the world, but Mexico.

An Artist’s version of Jugo Verde or Green Juice

  • Freshly cut pineapple – no middle section and preferably the white pineapple, no Dole yellow please.
  • Spinach – don’t worry if you’re not Popeye, there’s more to come
  • Ginger – go sparingly with this, but it’s essential
  • Nopales – That’s cactus friends, likely you’ll have a tough time finding this in Starbucks
  • Cucumber – peeled with no skins so that only the neutral but lovely textured middle section provides the good pulp
  • Basil – it grows wild all over the river banks, and cow fields
  • Parsley – There are some great tasting Mexican Jugo Verde’s that require liberal doses of this and are divine
  • Mint – Just like your mint tulip
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice for your base – In Mexico the season for oranges runs nearly year long
  • Honey – Just a small squeeze

Blend it with some ice cubes, and don’t rush it. This drink was made to be sipped under the shade of a large leafy tree, with sea breezes calming the day, listening to the sound of the Pacific Ocean a few hundred meters away.  While I was waiting, I heard another customer order a Carrot, Beet Juice and Strawberry. I’ll be sure to post a follow-up if that one beat the Jugo Verde.

Now that’s the best smoothie I’ve ever had. How about you? Tell us about it. We’d love to hear.

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