Fishing Banderas Bay

Marlin Fishing

Fishing Banderas Bay

Sport fishing for marlin, tuna, and dorado in Puerto Vallarta is world class. One of my favorite fishing stories about Mexico may surprise, because it’s not a standard about the one that got away, it’s about perspective on life. I can’t recall where I first heard the story, it may be one that people are familiar with but it is relevant because the reference could be to any coastal town on the Pacific coast of  Mexico. For the purposes of this story, we will call the town La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, a marina port on the north end of  Banderas Bay (or Bahía de Banderas) where they hold a large an annual sport fishing tournament in August.

A successful business man found himself walking along the pier in La Cruz when he noticed a local captain pulling out an especially handsome catch of tuna. The business man complimented the captain, and asked him how long it took to catch the fish.  The captain replied “Oh, only a little while.”   The business man, who was vacationing in the luxurious villa on the hill,  asked incredulously why the captain did not stay out longer and catch more fish as it was still early in the day. The response was because the fisherman had enough to support his family’s immediate needs.  The business man then asked what the fisherman did with the rest of his time. The captain responded, “Oh, I sleep late if I want, fish for a little while, then spend time with my beautiful wife and help my children with their studies. Later in the day I usually stroll into town where I sit under the shade of that tree and laugh with my amigos. I have no problem filling my time, I have a full and busy life.”

The business man amused and feeling pleased that he could lend some of his experience in being a successful entrepreneur.  “I have built over 40 successful companies, I will teach you how to maximize profits if you fish more, so that you can purchase a bigger boat, and from there a fleet. I can show you how to find and create your own distribution, and sell directly to global wholesale markets. Of course, you would need to move out of La Cruz, and set up a company in Mexico city.”   The captain responded, “Señor, how long will this take?”  The business man responded,  “For most people, a life time but with my help, we could do it in 15-20 years.”  The captain asked  “But what would I do then señor?”

“I could help you launch a successful IPO, you will be rich and your company will go on to make many millions of dollars.”  The captain gave a puzzled look at the business man, “and what would I do then?”

The proud businessman responded, “Anything you want. You can sleep in, spend time with your wife, play with your children, or relax with your friends.”

“Señor, in 15-20 years my children will be grown, my friends may be gone, and I will have lost many years of my life. These things that you speak of, I have them now.  Aren’t they all what I am now doing?”

For many fisherman traveling to Puerto Vallarta and fishing in Banderas Bay can be a dream, or at the very least, the vacation that they might save up for an entire year.  Why not?  The fishing in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta or Punta Mita is excellent where world class species like marlin, dorado, rooster fish, and tuna can be caught only a short boat ride from shore. I don’t need to promote the area for fishing in this post, it’s great, and I’ve had great  fun every time I’ve gone.

Fishing Puerto Vallarta

I’d like to leave with a final thought. Which side of the conversation are you on, the business man or the fisherman?  The next time you go out fishing, and I’ll try and do the same,  recall this story and relax, enjoy the fishing,  remember to spend time with your beautiful spouse, play with your children or take time to laugh with your friends beneath the shade of a tree.

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