Sayulita, Mexico: Profile of a local Photographer

Donna's depiction

Do we have your attention? Good, because I’d like to introduce a talented Sayulita based photographer, Donna Day.

Donna Day is a photographer living in Sayulita, Mexico with her daughter, Jade and husband, Justin. She has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and has lived and worked in Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle.  She produces and shoots pictures for her stock company, Big Cheese Photo, but she also shoots portraits, architecture and even the occasional wedding right here in Sayulita. She shoots a weekly photo column for El, the weekly online newsletter of Sayulita.  She just published a photo book of Sayulita, which you can view and buy here:

Donna's Book

Donna’s sharp wit can easily be seen in her company website, Big Cheese Photo, and while scrolling through the often brilliant colours of her book’s photos, or the pieces she writes about for El Sayulero. With round the year dedication to always being there at the right time, and more importantly with camera in hand, she’s managed to capture the feel of the town, as it really is, beautiful beaches, historic mansions, trash, pigs feet, smelly fish heads and all, and in my opinion, that’s why it works so well.

In a town that prides itself on its artistic prowess, and boasts no small percentage of acclaimed artisans, Donna has set herself apart with this book, and by doing so, has produced a must own for every coffee table for any Sayulita affecionado.

Donna can be reached at the following information, and will hopefully grace the pages of this website on more than a few occasions with her photos. If you like her stuff, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and come back by any time!

Donna Day Photography
Tel: +52-329-291-3873
US: +1-206-282-5040

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