Celtic Sea Salt and other salt brands


Celtic Sea Salt– Light Grey – When we found our own salt in Mexico, we needed toSalt farmers harvesting salt, Pak Thale, Ban L...

compare our quality to other salts on the market. Celtic is the salt that inspires us. A beautiful hand harvested grey salt similar to our own AztecSeaSalt but on a much, much larger scale. Great flavor, moist, and pure. Almost as high in mineral content as our own salt. We love this salt.


Himalayan Sea Salt – Most Brands – This salt is usually a beautiful pink color with low moisture content. Most brands come from the Khewra mine in Pakistan owned and operated by the Pakistani Government. Ancient and delicious this salt has a lower percentage of trace minerals than sea salts evaporated from fresh sea water in natural ponds. It is our favorite for getting people thinking about the salt they use because the pink color always starts a conversation. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, this is probably not the salt for you.


Maldon Sea Salt Flakes – Super clean flavor, consistent texture, low moisture content, this salt is evaporated in stainless steal pans using fire instead of the sun and wind. Use this salt to sneak in high quality sea salt under the noses of iodized table salt hold outs. You know who I am talking about. The crystals are uniform, soft, and fragile with fewer trace minerals that other salts. A great place to start for beginners.


Bonus: Redmond Real Salt – Mined from an ancient salt deposit in Utah, this salt is a great alternative to Himalayan. It has a similar pink color and low moisture content. We love the fact that it is produced locally in North America, the only one on this list. This is a greener alternative although not as green as the sun evaporated salts.


Double Bonus: Jacobson Salt Company – We don’t know Ben but we support him and his company. He boils his sea water like Maldon. He launched his salt business on Kickstarter and is in Oregon. We have not tasted his salt but it looks beautiful. We wish him the best of luck!


We are Geordie and John. On a family trip to Latin America with our families, we stumbled upon the Laguna Cuyutlán and it’s vibrant history of salt.


Amazed by the flavor, enchanted by the story, we had to bring it back with us to share with our friends and family.


Through research and our own experiences, we learned the health benefits of using natural sea salt instead of iodized table salt.


Join us, dump that nasty iodized table salt, enjoy sustainable, 100% natural AztecSeaSalt.


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