Yelapa: Review of Cafe Bahia

Cafe Bahia in Yelapa, Mexico was one of the first places we stopped by on our visit to Yelapa, a quaint fishing/tourist village about 45 miles south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Cafe Bahia receives rave reviews After an easy conversation with the owner and chef of the restaurant, it was found that she hailed from Brooklyn, New York, admitted… Read More


San Blas, Mexico: Easy Trip from Puerto Vallarta

Special Guest writer StayAdventurous Craig Zabransky has a few comments about one of our favourite overnight trips from Puerto Vallarta.

The owner of the local Social Club in San Blas told me “if you can make it through three nights in San Blas, then you’ll definitely return.” Well, I spent the better part of four days exploring the town and I don’t doubt his words. I plan to return.

Stayadventurous Craig checks out San Blas
On my decisive third day, I decided to visit the old Spanish Fort on the hill.  Just a few kilometers from … Read More


A Review of Yelapa – Puerto Vallarta Tour

Yelapa, Mexico: This lovely limited access town is located an easy 45 minute water taxi ride from Puerto Vallarta, and is well known in the Vallarta area as a great day or overnight trip. To find out more about it my wife, two boys and I spent the weekend Travel Puerto Vallartathere checking it out.

Getting To Transportation: The trip started out with the easy drive from Sayulita to the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, but came to a grueling stop and go stand still as we skirted the main … Read More