How to Have Energy All Day with Yuri Elkaim

Yuri is all about helping people increase their energy levels so they can live with energy all day long.


Yuri’s background as a professional soccer player helped him to understand he was active and fit, but

not healthy. The truth is most pro-athletes are able to perform in spite of their diet. You see very few high level athletes over the age of 35 because the body is simply worn out and tired.


Yuri remembers his pre-game breakfast of Crepes with Nutella. A meal that he would immediately … Read More


What is Kosher Salt?

What is Kosher Salt, and what are some of the differences between Table Salt, and Sea Salt?


English: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

English: Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you hear the about something being “kosher”, you may think of it as being pure or wholesome.




Except, when it comes to kosher salt, the opposite is more likely.




Along with other industrially produced table salts, 99% of kosher salt is chemically stripped of all kinds of healthy (and flavorful) minerals such as…




  • Sulfur,
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DIY Tequila Bottle Lamps






We discovered this interesting Do-It-Yourself Tequila Bottle lamp in Chiapas, in a town near the Guatemala border. It was literally tequila bottles put together with corks, and fishing line. If anyone is interested in getting the full instructions, leave a comment and we’ll elaborate.… Read More