Talking about salt, and beyond diet with Isabel De Los Rios


Isabel is one of the cofounders behind Beyond Diet. Straight from the top we talk about eating butter, salt and why it’s actually healthy.



She gives a great example of how “dieting” can be a very natural change and you don’t necessarily have to give up your morning breakfast routine. I love how she talks about “being hungry” as a malnourishment problem. Eating an entire bag of chips and then still feeling hungry is simply because it’s not healthy food. It’s a great way to look at the issue.

We hear how wheat and gluten had a huge effect on Isabel’s personal weight loss and her thoughts on some basic food. Her call to action. Stop drinking soda for 7 days and switch to water. And after that week take note of how you feel.


Isabel is also known to carry around a container of salt in her purse for her family to use.


Get your Isabel inspired tin here (seen to the right). 



She tells a funny story about how her son, age 5 years old, tells her father that not all salts are created equal, and that the commercial sea salt is not the same as natural, unrefined sea salt.



About Isabel De Los Rios.

Isabel De Los Rios is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has already helped over 500,000 people from around the world lose incredible amounts of weight and regain their health.

She is also an international best-selling author, co-founding Beyond Diet, an easy eating plan that you’ll actually want to follow. Through community support, online tools and constant communication. We highly recommend Beyond Diet. If you’re interested in learning more.



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