2nd Annual Punta Sayulita Longboard & SUP Classic Results

Punta Sayulita SUP Classic

Punta Sayulita SUP Classic

The results are in for the 2nd Punta Sayulita Longboard and SUP Classic, and the outcome? A great time had by all! The weekend was enlivened by a variety of events, music by world renowned Bermudian reggae artist, Mishka. Some great surfing despite small waves, and some impressive Stand-Up long distance paddling. Many events were won by local Mexicans, which was great to see. The beaches of Sayulita were packed with eager spectators, hoping to get glimpses of some of their favourite athletes, as big names like Gerry Lopez, Chuck Patterson, and Candice Appleby paddled out in the waves to show their stuff.We had to wait to get the official results in from Punta Sayulita before posting, but here the top competitors.

2011 Men’s Longboard Division
(1) Darren Eudaly (USA)
(2) Patricio Gonzalez (MEX)
(3) Isidro Rodriguez (MEX)
(4) Sergio Gonzalez (MEX)

2011 Women’s Longboard
(1) Mary Osborne (USA)
(2) Karina Rozunko (USA)
(3) Candice Appleby (HAW)
(4) Hallie Rohr (USA)

2011 SUP Surf
(1) Sean Poynter (USA)
(2) Guillermo Cadena (MEX)
(3) Garrett McNamara (HAW)

SUP Elite Race Men
(1) Slater Trout
(2) Anthony Vella
(3) Zane Schweitzer

(1) Candice Appleby
(2) Emmy Merrill
(3) Jeri Grant

SUP 10K Distance Race Men
(1) Slater Trout
(2) Anthony Vella
(3) Zane Schweitzer

(1) Schulyer Robbins
(2) Betzy Rudigoz
(3) Janet Jensen

SUP 2.2K Fun Race Men
(1) Hector Gonzalez
(2) Christian Sandoval
(3) Lee Vosburgh

(1) Veronica Nava
(2) Emmy Merrill
(3) Adriana Urrutia

One of the highlights, for me personally at least, was watching the native Huichol troupe conduct a blessing. Their colourful costumes, and chanting was popular with the onlookers. I’d say their blessing worked because the mood for the event was positive, although maybe they need to work on the wave blessing part.

Huichol ceremony

Huichol Ceremony

Bermudian Reggae artist Mishka was on form, and gave a great performance on a lovely, clear Mexican night. I’ve seen my fair share of Caribbean reggae artists such as Morgan Heritage, Tarrus Riley and Jimmy Cliff and my impression on Mishka he’s up there in the same league.  He has a unique original sound, which is refreshing considering it would be difficult for him to sing about growing up in the projects of Trenchtown, or suffering and strife as many of the island greats can. He shouldn’t need to, his style was upbeat,  positive, and thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd. We hope we’re lucky enough to have him come back next year


Bermudian Singer Mishka

Bermudian Reggae Artist Mishka

In conclusion, I’d like to personally thank Punta Sayulita. They provided great entertainment for the residents of Sayulita, brought recognition to this area of Mexico, brought business to the local community, and all the proceeds went to CharityWe hope for many more years of this event.

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