Sea Salt Salineros – Video

On a recent trip to Cuyutlán we met some Salineros. Salineros are the artisans that harvest our salt.  The viable sea salt harvesting season lasts about 4-5 […]


Hard Boiled Eggs with AztecSeaSalt™

  INGREDIENTS 4 Farm Fresh Eggs, AztecSeaSalt™, and ground black pepper   INSTRUCTIONS Grab your pot with the vegetable steamer. Add an inch of water […]



Healthy Sea Salt Discovery

  RealGoodSalt is a small business. It’s just Geordie and I. We launched it because we became raving fans of our salt and we had […]


Healthy Sea Salt Discovery – Part 2

  To recap the story, Geordie and I had just finished a few beers and decided that exporting sea salt and selling it directly to […]