Let’s talk toxic food additives with expert Anthony Alayon

  We’re going to talk with Anthony about toxic food ingredients. What we’re eating that is really harmful for our bodies.   We start talking about GMO’s (genetically modified organism – ex: corn, soy beans). Why it’s so important to avoid and what we can do to “replace” it. Who knew corn could be such a hot topic to discuss.   Gluten – not only another topic we discuss, is a really popular topic. Anthony talks about the successes he’s seen and how to go about starting a gluten free …


How To Make Salted Tropical Cheesecake Bars

How To Make Salted Tropical Cheesecake Bars Cook Time: 2 hours Yield: 12Serving Size: Serves 12 Crunchy bits of lime sea salt bring out the creamy, tropical flavor of these easy to put together tropical cheesecake bars. These make a great dessert for a cookout or other party and will have everyone asking for the recipe.IngredientsCrust: 1 cup graham cracker crumbs 3 tablespoons melted butter 2 tablespoons sugar Filling: 1 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened 1 cup powdered sugar 1 teaspoon lime juice 1 cup coconut milk …


How To Make Pink Salted Honey Caramels

How to Make Pink Salted Honey Caramels Prep Time: 5 minutesCook Time: 25 minutes Serving Size: Makes 3 dozen caramels Homemade caramels sounds like an intimidating thing to make, but if you have a candy thermometer and don’t walk away from it, it’s pretty easy to do. These are made with a combination of honey and sugar for a unique twist. The pink hibiscus sea salt adds an amazing flavor, especially if you use a floral honey, such as wild flower or orange blossom. These make a great homemade …


How To Train And Hydrate Like A Super Athlete – with Ben Greenfield

We cover a lot of ground in this interview with New York Times bestseller and training expert Ben Greenfield.  We’ll talk salt with Ben as well as how to compete and train at a very high level. We start off talking about Ancestral living. What does it mean to have better exercise and eating habits that look more like our ancestors rather than hanging out in a health club surrounded by electronics and a regimented environment? Through some simple testing we can find out who we are and what those …


Is Avocado Oil the Only Oil You Need In Your Kitchen, with John Cawrse

Geordie and John talk about John’s new passion, Avocado Oil. Inspired by his daughter Ava Jane and her Nana, John decided to launch Ava Jane’s Kitchen. The first product they are going to be releasing is Avocado oil.   Could Avocado Oil be the only healthy oil you need in your kitchen? When cooking you always need some kind of fat. And we typically we go to something like olive oil or coconut oil. BUT – olive oil isn’t something you should be cooking with and coconut oil simply makes …