What is Kosher Salt?

What is Kosher Salt, and what are some of the differences between Table Salt, and Sea Salt?   When you hear the about something being “kosher”, you may think of it as being pure or wholesome.       Except, when it comes to kosher salt, the opposite is more likely.       Along with other industrially produced table salts, 99% of kosher salt is chemically stripped of all kinds of healthy (and flavorful) minerals such as…       Sulfur, which can help fight fatigue, stress, pain, and …


The Salt Ritual with Geordie and John

  There is no one specific way each person should experience salt.  We all have our own unique ritual.  And when you have extraordinary salt this becomes a part of  every meal you eat.    Geordie and John, the founders of Salt Revolution, talk about their personal Salt Rituals.  Everything from how they use salt, where they store their salt, and why it’s so important to them and their families.  These guys love their salt and understand how to incorporate with their meals for the greatest effect.   They …


Aztec Sea Salt

We are Geordie Wardman and John Cawrse, owners of the Aztec Sea Salt and Salt Revolution. I won’t lie, we are passionate about our families and surfing. Which is how we discovered salt. Pardon?   Aztec Sea Salt Started On A Surf Trip Our families were traveling South of the border for a surf trip. The kids needed a snack and the adults needed a break so we stopped at a little stand on the side of the road. We picked up a bag of locally harvested natural sea …


Benefits of Himalayan Salt?

  What are the health benefits of Himalayan Salt? Well, let’s dive down into the differences between Himalayan pink salt and natural unrefined sea salt. Did you know that naturally occurring salts – like sea salt and Himalayan pink salt – have a whole bunch of minerals that are vital to your health, such as…   Sulfur, which can help fight fatigue, stress, pain, and even cancer. Magnesium, which prevents cardiovascular diseases, regulates blood pressure levels, and may even reverse osteoporosis. Potassium, which keeps your heart beating and reduces …


Getting Salted with Mark Bitterman

A revolutionary “New” way to cook with author of the book Salted, by Mark Bitterman.   In 1986, Mark Bitterman sat in a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in France staring dumbfounded at his steak.   Firm in texture, it was superb! Each bite hit the taste buds with layers of richness and complexity – much like a fine wine. Quite simply, it was the best steak he’d ever tasted.   Being a lover of good food and good eating, Mark just HAD to find out what made it taste so …