Let’s talk toxic food additives with expert Anthony Alayon

  We’re going to talk with Anthony about toxic food ingredients. What we’re eating that is really harmful for our bodies.   We start talking about GMO’s (genetically modified organism – ex: corn, soy beans). Why it’s so important to avoid and what we can do to “replace” it. Who knew corn could be such a hot topic to discuss.   Gluten – not only another topic we discuss, is a really popular topic. Anthony talks about the successes he’s seen and how to go about starting a gluten free …


Salt And Skinnylicious Recipes With Flavia Del Monte

  We first were introduced to Flavia through a mutual friend when Flavia started writing her cook book over two years ago. Since salt is such an important culinary ingredient, our friend recommended that she get in touch with us. Our salt is natural and unrefined, and is organically harvested by artisan salineros. She liked that aspect and we have been working with Flavia ever since. In the relatively short time she’s been cooking, she sure has learned her stuff. Check out this great recipe – and take note on …


Talking about salt, and beyond diet with Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel is one of the cofounders behind Beyond Diet. Straight from the top we talk about eating butter, salt and why it’s actually healthy.   She gives a great example of how “dieting” can be a very natural change and you don’t necessarily have to give up your morning breakfast routine.   I love how she talks about “being hungry” as a malnourishment problem. Eating an entire bag of chips and then still feeling hungry is simply because it’s not healthy food. It’s a great way to look at the …


The Truth About Cancer with Ty Bollinger

Ty is not a medical doctor, but he has spent over 10,000 hours researching cancer treatments. This quest started after loosing his father and 6 other close family members due to cancer. He encourages people to think for themselves, research the potential solutions and HAVE HOPE. Conventional wisdom says to treat the symptom, Ty suggests that a tumor is simply a check engine light (it’s a symptom not the problem) It’s a needed approach to cancer that the majority of people just don’t have. We also talk about the solutions …


How to Have Energy All Day with Yuri Elkaim

Yuri is all about helping people increase their energy levels so they can live with energy all day long.   Yuri’s background as a professional soccer player helped him to understand he was active and fit, but not healthy. The truth is most pro-athletes are able to perform in spite of their diet. You see very few high level athletes over the age of 35 because the body is simply worn out and tired.   Yuri remembers his pre-game breakfast of Crepes with Nutella. A meal that he would immediately …